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Bharadwaj Yadavalli <> writes:

> On Fri, 18 May 2001 17:48:38 +0930 wrote:
> > I suspect some of your recent changes to elflink.h are in 
> > violation of the ELF spec.
> > says:
> >
> >
> > "Names in the dependency list are copies either of the DT_SONAME strings
> > or the path names of the shared objects used to build the object file.
> > For example, if the link editor builds an executable file using one
> > shared object with a DT_SONAME entry of lib1 and another shared
> > object library with the path name /usr/lib/lib2, the executable file
> > will contain lib1 and /usr/lib/lib2 in its dependency list.
> Having been the "bug" reporter I feel obliged to speak up.
> On reading the above referenced spec. closely, I am inclined to 
> agree with Alan Modra. Also it seems to me that the linker, prior
> to HJ's fix has been behaving in accordance with the spec. In 
> other words, it was adding the full path names of .so files to 
> the dependency list of the linked output since they *did not*
> have DT_SONAME strings.

The Solaris linker also records the full path name.  Therefore I think
HJ should revert his patches.  Why did he check them in without
discussing them in the first place?

> DT_NEEDED entries of I tried using both the following
> commands:
> gcc -shared -o foo.c /full/path/to/  /full/path/to/
> as well as 
> gcc -L/full/path/to -shared -o foo.c -la  -lb
> but got the full path of and listed in the dependency
> list of

Are you sure that the second example does indeed encode the full
pathname?  I just did something similar with GNU ld (a recent CVS version) on
Solaris and it seems to work for me, that is, the full pathname isn't
encoded in the DT_NEEDED entry.


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