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Re: Stdcall support in binutils

"DJ Delorie" <> wrote:

> > It works fine, until someone (me) will try to link with a dll such as
> > kernel32.dll. Why, you know better than me. Because of that, I'm forced
> > to use dlltool and dllwrap.
> Well, both cygwin and mingw come with import libraries for all the
> dlls the OS provides (as best we can) and they already work correctly
> with those dlls.  You've asked to be able to *create* a dll with
> undecorated names.  This must be for something besides OS dlls.

Sure, I just want to be able to *create* a dll which provides a similar binary
interface as standard Windows libraries (dlls) do. I.e. a dll with stdcall
interface and undecorated exported names. And apparently I want to be able
to *link* with that dll. That's all! So far, I can't use for that task ld
directly, I'm forced to use wrappers around it.

> > > That's a bug that needs to be reported and eventually fixed.
> > 
> > What sort of bug report do you need? Sample code?
> Yes please.  Whatever it takes to provide a minimal useful
> demonstration of the bug - preferably, including .c's, .def's, and a
> script that invokes the tools.

Okay. I'll try to isolate a bug as less as possible, and will send the
result. It will consume some time though.

Thanks for your help.

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