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Re: Wrong dynamic-linker used on Solaris 7/x86

On May 20, 2001, Philip Blundell <> wrote:

>> correctly even with older versions of GNU ld.  Another option is to
>> implement -I as an alias to --dynamic-linker on Solaris; this would
>> allow gcc to use the same LINK_SPEC, but would require a fixed GNU ld.
>> The plus of this option is that one could switch between GNU ld and
>> Solaris ld with -B switches, as it is possible today.

> I think this is the way to go.

Even though it would cause GCC 3.0 to not work with GNU binutils 2.11?

BTW, I've got more news on this issue.  Sun does support
/usr/lib/ as the interpreter; the fact that it crashes is
indeed caused by a bug in their code.  I'm helping my friend at Sun
correct it.  So, it might be that we don't need to fix anything, after
all.  The problem would only show up with a NULL environment, so it's
probably not something one would encounter in real life.  And then,
hopefully Sun will release a patch to address this problem soon, so
whoever encounters the problem might as well just upgrade, or work
around the problem by telling GNU ld to use /usr/lib/ as the
dynamic linker, or by using Sun ld.

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