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#include problems

'About GNU Pascal' translation

'Cygwin FAQ' translation

.profile not sourced?


/usr/include/sys/poll.h problem in cygwin snapshot 2011-04-20

0417 snapshot: exec() fails on /proc/self/exe

Re: 1.5.19: Install problem: cannot find cygz.dll

1.7.7: mv.exe hangs on locked directory

Re: 1.7.8-1: Signals do NOT interrupt interruptible calls in threads.

1.7.9 gcc linking fails after cygwin update

1.7.9-1: kill( pid, 0 ) on child before waitpid returns -1.

1.7.9-1: Random failures during exec()

1.7.9-1: typeahead queue not flushed when Ctrl+C pressed

1.7.9: mq_unlink/mq_open leaks handles

64bit (g)fortran JNI

[1.7.9] bash: warning: setlocale: LC_COLLATE: cannot change locale (FR)

[1.7.9] frequent five-second pauses for no apparent reason

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Cygwin now licensed under GPLv3+

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: dos2unix-5.3-1

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated base-files-4.0-6

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: arc 5.21p-1 -- The ARC archive utility

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: boxes 1.0.1a-2 -- Textmode box and comment drawing filter

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cppcheck-1.48-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygutils-1.4.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gcc-mingw-{core/g++/g77/gdc/java/objc}-20050522-3; Obsoleted: gcc-mingw-gpc-20040810-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: googlecl-0.9.13-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: httping 1.4.4-2 -- Ping-like program for http-requests

[ANNOUNCEMENT] updated: lftp-4.2.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty-0.9.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: python-feedparse 5.0.1-1 -- Universal Feed Parser for Python

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: quilt-0.48-3 -- Tool to work with series of patches

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: rsync-3.0.8-1

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {emacs,emacs-X11,emacs-el}-23.3-2 (TEST)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {libao,libao-dev,libao4}-1.1.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {tiff/libtiff5/libtiff-devel/tiff-doc/tiff-opengl}-3.9.4-1

[PATCH] base-files-4.0.6: Change prompt if running with admin rights

Additional Infos: Strange error during /etc/profile

admin sees another file-owner as a normal user

AW: [bulk] - Re: Additional Infos: Strange error during /etc/profile

Bad HTML on

Bad owner or permissions on .../config

bash 4.1.10: SHELLOPTS questions -- different behavior between sh and bash

bash died waiting for longjmp before initialization

Better perl rebase solutions

Re: BLODA detection (was Re: Debugging help for fork failure: resource temporarily unavailable)

Bug in remote gui app execution via ssh

bug when current directory has a trailling dot?

Bump! SSH works great, SFTP with a keypair fails. Please take a look at this log...

Re: Can cygwin replace win-bash under Windows 7?

Can powershell replace win-bash under Windows 7?

Re: changing home directory

combination of bash and cmd.exe causes fatal error when used under CYGWIN=tty

could not allocate memory although set with regtool

cyg_server must be in the "Administrators" group ?

cygstart, mailto: URLs, and launching an executable

Cygwin 1.7.8 - bash: wall: missing command

Cygwin 1.7.8 on Windows 7 Pro x64 Doesn't See Programs Added to C:\Windows\System32 Directory

Re: cygwin 1.7.8-1 setup produces INVALID PACKAGE entries in setup.log.full

Cygwin 1.7.x on Windows 7: Exit statuses of Win32 executables are sometimes wrong

cygwin and cssh OR gnome-terminal

cygwin git terminal won't capture password

Cygwin Setup Available Download Sites is empty

cygwin ssh server error 5

cygwin version 1.7.7.

CYGWIN withholds error message when trying to run 64-bit binary on 32-bit PC

CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW64 on Windows 7: "died waiting for longjmp before initialization"?

Re: Debugging help for fork failure: resource temporarily unavailable

Delay during invocation of any CYGWIN command

Re: Delay during invocation of any CYGWIN command [SOLVED]

emacs No Longer Works After A Cygwin Upgrade

Re: Email "hangs"

Enable logging remote ssh contacts

failure to install on xp

False positive from access("/proc/registry/...", F_OK)

Re: Fork issues with long command lines and long $PATH

fpermisive error of gcc using cygwin

gnutls-cli / emacs daemon stops mintty window closing

gold star (was: Re: Fedora Cygwin RPM repository)

grep problem?

Għandek xi ħaġa ghall-bejgh?

Has anyone else had /usr/share/doc suddenly disappear?

How is setup.ini generated these days?

I think there's an error in the boxes postinstall script

Idea on how to improve cygstart

Interaction between GDB and python in cygwin - sys.stderr/sys.stdout broken

Re: interactive shell mis-parsing 1st two words on line

IPC and pthread condition variable bug

Re: latest emacs, cygwin, and constant stackdumps

Linking statically against GraphicsMagick: problems with libxml2 and libpng

listen socket / poll block

Re: Memory leak in select

Memory leak in select.

mintty/ping issue

missing define in /usr/include/fenv.h ?

RE: mkgroup: Could not get group info from samba share

Re: mkshortcut --allusers --smprograms

Mount points using batch file but not with ssh login

Re: Mount points using batch file but not with ssh loginMount points using batch file but not with ssh login

named pipe (fifo) question

needed feature in Cygwin fifos

newlib and long-double question

Re: NT4?

NTFS write-protect flag translation (tar? rsync?) only one-way?

Re: Ocatve plotting, Invoking Octave

Octave Plotting, Invoking Octave

Re: Fwd: octave updated to 3.4.0-3. Please test (strcat error)

openssh.README is wrong.

OSS device names under Cygwin

poll function don't release all windows handle / possible memory leak

problem with Windows 7 + native python

Python Configuration for Cygwin

Re: python select() is limited to fds < 64

Re: Python: subprocess running rsync causes broken socket in telnetlib

rebaseall rebasing dlls into cygwin address range?

rebasing freshly built executables?

Request: LFTP Update to 4.2.2

The same assembly code but different result on cygwin and Centos

SFTP with a key pair fails, SSH works fine

Shared library error when invoking 'octave'

Spurious warnings about MS-DOS paths

Still can't run XServer or any apps that require it

Still using gcc 3.4.4 - problem with -lncurses

Strange error during /etc/profile

strftime trouble with %z

stty erase issues on ssh to Linux after upgrade to Windows 7

Suggestions to setup.exe

Syntax error in setfacl man page

SYSTEMROOT, cygpath, and /proc funniness

unable to remap to same address as parent - despite rebaseall

untar of sym links randomly works or creates empty files

untarring symlinks with ../ fails randomly

an updated howto on a portable/usb cygwin installguide?

Using 'setup.exe' from command line / commandline ops

Utility: injob

Utility: winln, a drop-in replacement for ln(1)

what does this cygserver error mean?

Why doesn't ~/inputrc work

windows cmd for ./configure

Windows tools can access /usr/share but not /usr/lib

Windows7 STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION and gcc/g++ linking problems

Re: Zsh completion problem

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