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Re: Enable logging remote ssh contacts

Le 28/04/2011 14:29, Fokke Nauta a Ãcrit : Hi,
Thanks for your help and explanation.

you're welcome...

For a beginning: "syslogd must be started before sshd... does it ?"
It does. I can read the file /var/log/messages from the Cygwin shell and it
gets filled with data.


Hence the reason I did not follow your instructions as I thought it was
working allright.

as you wich.


What is the difference between LogLevel INFO and LogLevel VERBOSE in

I'd like the following message which permit to identify the incoming connexion :

Apr 25 23:35:03 pcvista sshd: PID 11500: Found matching DSA key: a5:44:9f:8e:2e:ea:76:7a:4f:6e:46:7f:08:25:67:6e

My properties of /var/log/messages (and here lies the problem that the file
is not accessable from withing Windows):

ls -ld messages
-rw------- 1 SYSTEM root 47648 Apr 28 14:09 messages

getfacl messages
# file: messages
# owner: SYSTEM
# group: root

Should I use chmod on /var/log/messages?

no, setfacl %-|

(getfacl messages | echo group:Users:r--) | setfacl -m -f - messages

PS : replace Users by the equivalents group on your system (Utilisateurs in french under Vista, don't know under XP ?)
well, the last one :
v2$ id
uid=1000(Cyrille) gid=513(None) groups=513(None),0(root),544(Administrateurs),545(Utilisateurs)


Cyrille Lefevre

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