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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty-0.9.7-1

mintty 0.9.7-1 is on its way to the Cygwin mirrors.

- Fixed crash when scrollback size is set to zero.
- NT4 support is officially gone. It had been broken since version
0.6.1 anyway, without anyone complaining.
- When the window is held open after the shell finished and no more
processes are attached, hitting Enter or Escape will now close the
- Changed the optional Ctrl+Shift shortcut for closing the window from
Ctrl+Shift+Q to the more standard-compliant Ctrl+Shift+W.
- Added config file versions of command line options: Class, Hold,
Icon, Log, Title, Utmp, Window, X, Y.
- Multiple-choice settings are now written with named values rather
than integers, e.g. CursorType=block instead of the rather non-obvious
CursorType=0. Similarly, Boolean settings are written as 'no' or 'yes'
instead of 0 or 1. Integer values of course remain supported for
backward compatibility.
- String settings no longer have arbitrary length restrictions.
- Unknown settings and invalid values now trigger warnings.

Mintty is a terminal emulator for Cygwin with a native Windows user
interface and minimalist design. Among its features are Unicode
support and a graphical options dialog. Its terminal emulation is
largely compatible with xterm, but it does not require an X server.

The mintty manual is installed as a manpage ('man mintty'). It's also
available at

Questions and comments can be sent to the mintty discussion group at or the Cygwin mailing
list. Please use the issue tracker at to report bugs or suggest


To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link
on the web page. ÂThis downloads setup.exe to
your system. ÂThen, run setup and answer all of the questions.


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