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Re: latest emacs, cygwin, and constant stackdumps

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 18:24, Ken Brown <> wrote:
> On 3/29/2011 9:26 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
>> On 3/29/2011 8:48 AM, J. David Boyd wrote:
>>> I'm not certain of the exact version of these, but they are the latest,
>>> as I upgrade at least once a week.
>>> Lately, everytime I do almost anything in emacs, the terminal I started
>>> it from shows:
>>> [main] emacs-X11 4500 exception::handle: Exception:
>>> 1149 [main] emacs-X11 4500 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to
>>> emacs-X11.exe.stackdump

I've been experiencing exactly the same symptoms.

>> Also, it might make sense to update your Cygwin installation first,
>> since new versions of cygwin and and xorg-server were just released today.
>> Finally, please tell me if the problem occurs with both emacs-23.3-1 and
>> the test release emacs-23.3-2.

I've updated cygwin, installed emacs-23.3-2, and followed the instructions in:

None of it helped.

> Another thought: Have you tried rebaseall?.

rebaseall indeed eliminated the problem for me. Thanks!


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