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Re: Zsh completion problem

On Sun, 3 Apr 2011, Vikas Mishra wrote:

Replying again (with Cygwin ML in copy)

Hello Peter.

Greetings, Vikas,

On Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 9:40 PM, Peter A. Castro <> wrote:

I think you're going to have to give me some examples of what completion you are attempting. ?I still can't make this fail no matter what I try. Your .zcompdump looks fine to me and if I strip my config to be just your example (uncommented, of course) I can't make it fail.

Thanks for asking me this question. In order to answer you, I tried some experiments and they revealed something I wouldn't have guessed. I wanted to attach a screenshot indicating that even cd completion was becoming a problem but when I tried it, it worked. So I did some more experiments and found the following.

a. If I try to do completion within the cygwin installation, that
works fine. So for example, I can do cd /usr/bin/ or cd ~/path and
this works fine.

b. If I try to do this outside the cygwin, for example I try to do cd
/c/Users/vimishra/, it won't work. I have remapped cygdrive to /. It
won't even complete /c/Users/.

c. If I comment the cygdrive remapping in /etc/fstab, so that the
cygdrive prefix becomes /cygdrive again, I _dont'_ get the
problem. The completion works everywhere. I had never thought that
this could have affected completion - but obviously it does.

d. If I change the cygdrive to something else, like /drive - the
completion is still working.

So I guess the problem statement changes from - completion not working
to completion not working when remapping cygdrive to /. It works in
the other cases. I can live with this if I have to, but would be
interesting to find out what could be going wrong in this case.

Could you provide your /etc/fstab so we can see what you are doing (for the failing case)? I'd like to try testing exactly your config.

Also, could you run "cygcheck" as per:

This sounds like it might be a mount issue for cygdrive, but that's just
a guess.  The completion failure for #b would appear to indicate that zsh
was unable to find a directory entry for some part of the path.  If
there's something funny about how cygdrive is mounted over root, that
might account for the completion failure.  Again, sheer speculation at
this point.

Let me know in case there are other experiments, I can try.


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