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Re: gnutls-cli / emacs daemon stops mintty window closing

Ken Brown wrote:
>> Part of my problem in trying to help is that you haven't said exactly
>> what you're doing, except that your emacs session used gnutls in one
>> case and that openssl was involved in the other.  Can you give a
>> detailed list of steps that someone might try to reproduce?

I think the gnu-tls & openssl stuff was misleading. I've just had it
happen without any extra Cygwin process involved at all.

> I found a simple way to reproduce this.  Start an emacsclient session in
> a mintty window as you did, start a shell within emacs, and then exit
> (with C-x C-c, not with M-x kill-emacs).  This leaves the emacs daemon
> running as well as the shell process, as I would expect.  Then the
> mintty window won't close until the shell process is killed.  Again, I'm
> not convinced this is a bug.  After all, the shell process is an
> interactive process associated with the terminal.  Wouldn't you expect
> to have to kill that process before the terminal window closes?

As I say, I've now had it happening without anything else.

> On the other hand, if you kill the emacs server in the normal way (via
> M-x kill-emacs, as explained in the server documentation), it also kills
> the shell process, and you can exit from mintty.

Yes. As it happens the only time I close emacs is when I restart my
computer, and that's why I use emacsclient. It worked fine, and
now... doesn't.

Non-kook (allegedly)

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