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Re: gold star (was: Re: Fedora Cygwin RPM repository)

> On 13 March 2011 11:36, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > On Mar 12 23:37, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> >> In response to recent inquiries, I have created a repository of
> >> Linux-to-Cygwin cross-compilers for Fedora 14 i686 and x86_64 which
> >> include GCC, Cygwin, and a handful of libraries. ?Also included are the
> >> necessary mingw32 packages with static libraries for cross-compiling
> >> Cygwin's setup.exe.
> >
> > this offer is way cool. ?Thanks for doing this, because this allows my lazy
> > self to switch to the latest gcc to build Cygwin without having to build
> > the compiler and all the stuff myself. ?Really cool.
> > ...
> >?I think this deserves a gold star.
> Ping! Or perhaps more appropriately: Bling!


Note:  I don't read every message on the Cygwin list, so if someone is
earning a gold star, please add "gold star" to the subject, or I might miss
it.  With gold star in the subject, the posting will be automatically
flagged in my news reader and the gold star will get awarded.  As happened
in this case.


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