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Re: Bug in remote gui app execution via ssh

On 4/26/2011 1:52 PM, Harmon Nine wrote:
The bug is as follows:
A remote system R has Cygwin sshd running from version 5.8p1-1 of
openssh.  The daemon is running as a service, configured using the
directions at
Further, the service is running under the "Local System account", and in
its properties as a service, "Allow service to interact with desktop"
has been checked.

A couple things to note here:

  1. We don't support other people's recipes for configuring any Cygwin
     package.  Generally when someone reports a problem after using an
     external source for configuration help, this list suggests looking
     to the authors of the help for support.

  2. Interacting with the desktop through a service is really only
     supported for XP and older systems.  Since most of the other details
     you report also suggest that you're using XP, I'll surmise you are,
     though it would be best if you followed the problem reporting guidelines
     found here - - just so we don't have to
     make these kind of guesses.

You might try downgrading to 5.6p1 if you have not done so already.



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