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Re: cygwin 1.7.8-1 setup produces INVALID PACKAGE entries in setup.log.full

Mark Geisert wrote:
Just for the record, on my Win7 host I am running ESET's NOD32 64-bit
antivirus and, as a test, I had disabled that too, also to no avail.
As the FAQ entry for BLODA points out, disabling it may not be enough.  The acid
test is whether removing the BLODA from your system makes a difference.

I'm only running XP but got ESET NOD32 to behave with Cygwin by setting NOD32's
AMON (file monitor) module to exclude C:\cygwin and subdirectories.  That's
another alternative to removing NOD32.


Thank you for your suggestions and reminder regarding the BLODA FAQ. Although I have not yet resolved the
original issue, it appears that the problem is exhibited only when reading/writing to my internal disk array (simple
RAID1) but works flawlessly with external devices (USB flash or hard drives). Otherwise, my system is extremely
stable and all array and disk diagnostics pass. And, since the download used to complete error-free when storing
to my array, I suspect that it is due to some BIOS or driver update I had applied over time; but I have not had the
time to devote backing them out to determine which one. I will endeavor to isolate the cause at some point.

Therefore, it is my assertion that this is *not* a cygwin setup.exe issue after all. I wrote back to the list simply to
close the loop and to thank you for your time.

Again, thank you,

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