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Re: Can cygwin replace win-bash under Windows 7?

On 04/15/11 03:05, BazookaJo wrote:

Sorry guys - in my original post I was suggesting replacing win-bash with Powershell, when I am looking to replace win-bash with cygwin, but post amended :)

BazookaJo wrote:

Hi guys

I have been playing around with an industrial Linux-powered scanner, and
was making okay progress under XP.

This was made easier as I just ran some of the bash scripts through

Since moving to Windows 7 of course this no longer works, even if I
disable UAC completely - just echos on screen with no errors....

I can only guess that the reason is that win-bash no longer works with
Windows 7?

My question is will cygwin fill the gap?

i.e. if this is my win-bash script what would the cygwin equivalent look
like, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

echo !TC | C:/win-bash/nc 80 > ScanFile.dta

p.s. nc = netcat and I know I need an alternative sooner rather than later

Very many thanks in advance
Your question is unclear. Your "bash" script is one line. AFAICT that one line would run equally well in just plain ole cmd. (cmd can do echo, pipes and redirection). I suspect your question is more about win-bash's nc, which seems to be a simple way to sent a command to a port on a machine which even telnet can do though I'm not sure in a scriptable fashion. Perl and Expect, etc. can accomplish this quite easily though (and Cygwin has both of them).

Andrew DeFaria <>
Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

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