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Re: windows cmd for ./configure

On 4/30/2011 7:50 AM, Sayth Renshaw wrote:
Hi I am haaving trouble locating the answer to this question due to
the amount of results configure brings in the archives and google.

I am trying to use ./configure&&  make on the command line however the
'.' in ./configure causes an error. I know my make works as I have
used it already.

What is the cygwin version of ./configure&&  make for building
programs on windows. I am trying to build 'auctex'

If the application is set up to be installed via configure, it should provide its own specific configure script, as it seems auctex has done. Note that many applications require use of configure in the gnu standard way (make a new clean directory and cd into it, run the application's configure script from there).
I'm sure there is plenty of bad advice about configure for other applications available by web search. I note that the search string "configure auctex" shows that there apparently is a mail list devoted to auctex, where questions (after checking the instructions) might better be answered. Even though this list is frequented by a few people active in the past on that list, I have probably gone well beyond the tolerance of this list for generalities about applications not specifically supported here.

Tim Prince

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