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Re: gnutls-cli / emacs daemon stops mintty window closing

On 4/8/2011 12:18 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
On 4/8/2011 11:06 AM, Gary wrote:
Ken Brown wrote:
On 4/7/2011 3:26 AM, Gary wrote:
If I start emacs using<<emacsclient -t --alternate-editor="">> and
emacs session uses gnutls, then after quitting emacs (or rather,
emacsclient - the emacs-nox process is, and should be, still running),
and then typing<<exit>>   the mintty window fails to close. Stopping the
emacs-nox process achieves nothing, but stopping the gnutls-cli
results in the mintty window closing correct. The bash process ends in
any case.

Since stopping emacs achieves nothing, I wonder if this has anything to do with emacs.

I think it must be. I had the same problem at home, and noticed gnu-tls wasn't involved but openssl was (in the same was as gnu-tls, above). openssl was, as with gnu-tls, started via emacs.

Whatever process emacs started, I still have the same questions as in my original reply. (a) What happens if you start the process on the command line instead of via emacs? (b) Are you sure that what you're seeing is not the expected behavior?

Part of my problem in trying to help is that you haven't said exactly
what you're doing, except that your emacs session used gnutls in one
case and that openssl was involved in the other.  Can you give a
detailed list of steps that someone might try to reproduce?

I found a simple way to reproduce this. Start an emacsclient session in a mintty window as you did, start a shell within emacs, and then exit (with C-x C-c, not with M-x kill-emacs). This leaves the emacs daemon running as well as the shell process, as I would expect. Then the mintty window won't close until the shell process is killed. Again, I'm not convinced this is a bug. After all, the shell process is an interactive process associated with the terminal. Wouldn't you expect to have to kill that process before the terminal window closes?

On the other hand, if you kill the emacs server in the normal way (via M-x kill-emacs, as explained in the server documentation), it also kills the shell process, and you can exit from mintty.

Incidentally, this has nothing to do with mintty. The same thing happens in the Cygwin console.


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