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Has anyone else had /usr/share/doc suddenly disappear?

Hi folks,

I've tried twice before to send this message but the relevant cygcheck.out file is over 6 MB in size so I can't attach it. I am attaching a cygcheck from before the problem occurred in hopes it might tell something and can send the one with the error to anyone who wants it. (If I zip it it's small enough to send but I think the mailing list won't accept a zip attachment.)

Below are the original messages:

I tried sending this with 2 cygcheck.out files but it pushed it over the
maximum message length so I had to ditch the first one (now reinstated). Its only purpose was
to show that /usr/share/doc was originally present but disappeared sometime
during a relatively short session. Here's the original message:

This is the third time this has happened in the past week or so. To make a
long story short, c:\cygwin\usr\share\doc suddenly disappears.

I've uninstalled Cygwin twice. Both times c:\cygwin\dev\nul couldn't be
deleted even though it was a 0-length file. The first time I just ignored it
along with something else that couldn't be deleted though I've forgotten
what. The second time our PC maintenance man used an Ubuntu live CD to
delete that and everything else in c:\cygwin.

This time, as always, I installed first the base files. Everything worked
fine and the cygcheck -srv output showed no errors. Then I installed
everything else. Setup.exe said there were 5 possible errors: boxes, brltty,
libglade2.0.0, exim and mined. I ran cygcheck (the one attached in
and it flagged 4 incomplete packages: apache, jadetex, mutt and tetex-bin. I
began recreating my $HOME directory and compiling a package I need when I
noticed that something, I forget what, was missing in /usr/share. Checking
for /usr/share/doc and finding it too missing I did a cygcheck -srv >
cygcheck3.out (the 6 MB one I can't send) and am writing here.

If you compare the two cygcheck outputs you can see that /usr/share/doc used
to be here but isn't.

Before this latest reinstall I did a full scan using Symantec Endpoint
protection. It found a cookie tracker it didn't like but nothing else. I
have two scripts in ~/bin that replace regular commands but I looked at them
and nothing has stuck in anything nefarious.

I would think perhaps a virus stored outside of Cygwin is doing this but
Endpoint Protection didn't find anything. Anybody got any ideas?

Sorry for the excessive length. Thanks in advance for any hints,

Lee Maschmeyer
Wayne State University Computing Center
5925 Woodward, #281
Detroit MI 48202

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