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[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: dos2unix-5.3-1

Version 5.3-1 of dos2unix has been uploaded.


This is an update of Benjamin Lin's implementations of dos2unix and unix2dos. Benjamin Lin's implementations of dos2unix and unix2dos are part of several Linux distributions such as RedHat, Fedora, Suse, Gentoo and others. This update includes all RedHat patches and fixes several other problems. Internationalization has been added and ports to DOS, Windows, Cygwin and OS/2 Warp have been made.
Lately this version of dos2unix was also added to Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware and Arch Linux.

These implementations of dos2unix and unix2dos have been modelled after dos2unix/unix2dos under SunOS/Solaris. They have similar conversion modes, namely ascii, 7bit and iso. The first versions were made by John Birchfield in 1989, and in 1995 rewritten from scratch by Benjamin Lin. Mac to Unix conversion was added by Bernd Johannes Wuebben in 1998, Unix to Mac by Erwin in 2010.


* Native language support: Dutch, English, Esperanto, German.
* Automatically skips binary and non-regular files
* In-place, paired, or stdio mode conversion.
* Keep original file dates option.
* 7-bit and iso conversion modes like SunOS dos2unix.

license: 2-clause BSD (FreeBSD)


Dos2unix works different wrt symbolic links compared to cygutils' d2u/u2d. By default symbolic links are untouched (as on Linux). By using the option --follow-symlink (or -F) dos2unix works similar as cygutils' d2u, writing to the symbolic link target.

Erwin Waterlander

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