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Re: Linking statically against GraphicsMagick: problems with libxml2 and libpng

Dear Marco,

Thanks for reply.

On 05.04.2011 0:46, marco atzeri wrote:
>> While trying to link statically my application against GraphicsMagick
> why not dynamic ?

I am happy to link dynamically, but I got the requirements to provide
both static and dynamic version.

> it seems that libxml2-devel package is missing the static option.

Maybe I can submit "request for improvement" for libxml2? It looks like
*.a was simply not included into package, so I hope it is trivial to fix it.

> GraphicsMagick  is linked versus libpng14
> $ cygcheck  cygGraphicsMagick-3.dll |grep png
>   E:\cygwin2\bin\cygpng14-14.dll

Yes, it is possible to explore the library this way, but I think
"GraphicsMagick++-config --libs" should report, which library was used
to produce libGraphicsMagick.a. I can't use "-lpng", and I can't any
other alternative like "-lpng12" or "-lpng14", because I may end up with
missed symbols in libGraphicsMagick.a.

> $ cygcheck -l libpng14-devel |grep png\.a
> /usr/lib/libpng.a

In this case everything looks good :)

> one is a missing functionality and there other is not a bug ;-)

I agree.

With best regards,

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