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Re: Enable logging remote ssh contacts

On 4/27/2011 1:49 PM, Fokke Nauta wrote:

> I don't have any ll in the shell. Not recognized.

Oops!  My mistake, ll is an bash alias I defined, its just "ls -alhF
--color=tty" (actually is an alias that uses the alias ls is defined to,
but I included what both aliases do for simplicity).

> So I can't see the 
> I have syslog-ng running. Should I replace that by autossh?

No, autossh is something else, I just kept it to show you how a Windows
service looks, like the sshd.log you have.

> Strange enough the file /var/log/messages could not be opened by Windows.
> Tried with Textpad and Notepad. In both occasions it said: "access denied".
> So I installed cron and now copy /var/log/messages to a different location
> every 10 minutes. I can now read that file from Windows. However, copying
> that file creates an entry in the /var/log/messages file.
> So better quit syslog-ng and cron and use autossh instead?

No, just run the following to see if everything is running as expected:

cygrunsrv -LV

Note the "Account" for both sshd and syslog-ng.  That usually is what
gives problems.

If both where installed using the Cygwin provided scripts, perhaps with
some help as provided in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/<package>.README, then
everything would work fine.  My guess is that there is a difference,
which creates the problem, and it will show in the output of cygrunsrv.
 If you send it to the list, we probably can spot the problem.
Renà Berber

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