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Re: Windows tools can access /usr/share but not /usr/lib

On 8 April 2011 12:04, Marc Girod wrote:
> I am enhancing/fixing a perl tool (published to CPAN) which allows to import
> files into a ClearCase
> database (vob): synctree. Among the enhancements is support for cygwin.
> While testing it on cygwin, I tried and failed to import it itself, from the
> perl install directory, which
> is under /usr/lib.
> The tool spawns an IBM utility built for Windows (in this case): cleartool.
> It is this cleartool which cannot access C:\cygwin\usr\lib
> I notice that the Windows cmd shell has the exact same problem, which
> disappears if using instead:
> C:\cygwin\lib
> My question is (as I'll have to implement a workaround) how can I detect
> this issue?
> I already found:
> $ df /usr/lib
> Filesystem      1K-blocks   ÂUsed Available Use% Mounted on
> C:/cygwin/lib    Â244196348 Â35784364 208411984 Â15% /usr/lib
> Is this the answer to my question?


You should use the cygpath utility to translate Cygwin paths to
Windows paths, rather than just changing slashes and prefixing with
C:\cygwin. Apart from everything else, Cygwin might be installed
somewhere other than C:\cygwin.


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