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Re: cygwin version 1.7.7.

On 4/27/2011 7:46 AM, paritosh chandragupta wrote:
i am looking for cygwin version 1.7.7 . How can i install it or better
still download a package (to install in offline mode ) .  If I
download the setup.exe , it directs me to the latest version of cygwin
. My build environment will not be proper if i upgrade now . Can you
please help me regrading this ?

You should become entirely comfortable with the idea that you actually *need* 1.7.7 rather than the current version. Once you decide that the current version isn't adequate for your needs for some reason, you'll be in unsupported territory. That's a heavy burden to take on so please be sure you're ready for it and that it's your last alternative. If it's not, you're better off sticking with the current version. If you're experiencing a problem and haven't reported it, please do (see <>).

If nothing in what I said above changes your intent to use 1.7.7, then
you should google for "Cygwin Time Machine".  Once you venture there, you're
on your own.  Pleas for help from this list will very likely fall on deaf
ears (if you're lucky ;-) ).



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