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Re: Suggestions to setup.exe

On 4/2/2011 12:44 PM, Tony wrote:
Hi. I just installed this package here which brought with it a ton of
dependancies. Why can't setup.exe, when I want to uninstall this
package, also uninstall all the dependancies? Please make the next
Cygwin release support "clean uninstalls".

That's not as easy as it might initially sound. Uninstalling all dependencies might result in other utilities not working, since these dependencies could be shared. Determining the dependencies to install is easier than determining those that are safe to uninstall. So that's by way of explanation for why you see the behavior you currently see from 'setup.exe' when uninstalling a package. That said, it is possible to figure out which dependencies could safely be uninstalled. That part of your request could be implemented in the future.



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