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Re: Linking statically against GraphicsMagick: problems with libxml2 and libpng

Hi Marco,

Thanks for reply.

On 19.04.2011 21:26, marco atzeri wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 8:36 PM, Dmitry Katsubo wrote:
>> I have went through the manual installation of libxml: the package was
>> installed absolutely OK. After "make install" I got:
>> $ ls -1 /usr/local/lib/libxml2*
>> /usr/local/lib/libxml2.a
>> /usr/local/lib/libxml2.dll.a
>> /usr/local/lib/
>> $ ls -1 /usr/local/bin/cygxml2*
>> /usr/local/bin/cygxml2-2.dll
>> I believe this is Cygwin packaging problem, which does not put libxml2.a
>> into destination devel package. I am not familiar with how the binary
>> packages are created. Perhaps you can help me here. Is it possible to
>> have a look at the logs at Cygwin build server? I can attach mine, which
>> show how libxml2.a is successfully build and installed.
> Hi Dmitry,
> there is no cygwin build server. Any maintainer build the packages by itself.

How can I elevate this minor change request to the maintainer?

> To replicate download the source package with setup and
> $ cd /usr/src
> $ cygport libxml2-2.7.7-1.cygport prep compile

Thanks, that is new to me.

> From the Yaakov's package source build log  I see :
> checking whether to build shared libraries... yes
> checking whether to build static libraries... no

When I run "./configure" without arguments, it is displayed:

checking whether to build shared libraries... yes
checking whether to build static libraries... yes

So the default setting seems to be OK. I have found out that
"--disable-static" is explicitly passed to configure, but it is not
listed in CYGCONF_ARGS in libxml2-2.7.7-1.cygport... Magic? Is there any
good reason to do this on purpose?

> so something is blocking the "theoretical" default configuration
>   --enable-shared[=PKGS]  build shared libraries [default=yes]
>   --enable-static[=PKGS]  build static libraries [default=yes]
> and looking on configure we see that the default seems no
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   # Check whether --enable-static was given.
> if test "${enable_static+set}" = set; then :
>   enableval=$enable_static; p=${PACKAGE-default}
>     case $enableval in
>     yes) enable_static=yes ;;
>     no) enable_static=no ;;
>     *)
>      enable_static=no
>       # Look at the argument we got.  We use all the common list separators.
>       lt_save_ifs="$IFS"; IFS="${IFS}$PATH_SEPARATOR,"
>       for pkg in $enableval; do
>         IFS="$lt_save_ifs"
>         if test "X$pkg" = "X$p"; then
>           enable_static=yes
>         fi
>       done
>       IFS="$lt_save_ifs"
>       ;;
>     esac
> else
>   enable_static=yes
> fi
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> so an enable static should be added to the .cygport.

With best regards,

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