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Re: needed feature in Cygwin fifos

>>>On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 01:34:16PM -0400, bob 295 wrote:
>>>>I recognize that Cygwin fifos are "buggy and not suitable for anything but 
>>>>simplest of applications",  however in the spirit of seeing if things can 
>>>>improved here is some more test code which illustrates one of the "bugs".
>>>Maybe I need to be clearer: I don't need demonstrations of bugs.  I know
>>>what doesn't work.
>>>The fifo layer needs a total rewrite right now.  Sending this type of email
>>>is a waste of your time.
>>Fair enough.   Is that total rewrite underway?  If so any idea when we'll 
>>a workable version?  If not what would it take to expedite things?  More 
>>developer resources?  What type of skillset would you need?

>I'm not currently actively working on it.  I've just been contemplating
>various methods for dealing with the issues.  The bottom line is that I
>thought that Windows Named pipes would be the perfect way to implement
>Cygwin's fifos and it turns out they are actually not well suited for
>that task.

>This is a free software project so you can see for yourself what's
>needed.  The majority of the code is in


Sounds like a perfect candidate for a Google Summer of Code project proposal.


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