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[AArch64/gas] v[0-31] registers not allowed in cfi_offset?

[aarch64] Use better dwarf2 encoding factors

[BUILDROBOT] m68k-linux: gas: array subscript is below array bounds

[BUILDROBOT] m86k breakage

Re: [BUILDROBOT] rs6000-ibm-aix4.3 broken in ld/ldlang.c (was: pdp11-aout broken in ld/ldlang.c)

[BUILDROBOT][PATCH] moxie: right-hand operand of comma expression has no effect

[commit] bfd: or1k: avoid emitting R_OR1K_INSN_REL_26 in shared libs

[COMMITTED PATCH] Regenerate sim configury.

[COMMITTED] aarch64 dwarf2 fixes

[committed] ARM/ld: Correct macro formatting in armelf.em

[committed] GAS: Replace leading spaces with tabs across dw2gencfi.c

[committed] MIPS/gas/testsuite: mips.exp indentation fixes

[committed] MIPS/opcodes: Remove microMIPS 48-bit LI instruction

[committed] PowerPC64/BFD: Fix ppc64_elf_set_toc indentation

[Consult] About "make check" failures

Re: [gold] Error out when there is an access beyond the end of the merged section

[GOLD] Modify new test to pass on powerpc64le

[GOLD] Warn on lto objects without plugin

Re: [gold][aarch64]patch2: link helloworld

[gold][aarch64]patch3: static link/shared objects

[Help]How to update the section content during the assemble?

[libopcodes] Switching manually between print_insn_arm and print_insn_thumb(16|32)

Re: [PATCH 0/6] S/390: Some disassembler cleanup

[PATCH 1/2] aarch64: Fix dwarf2 regnum for Dn

[PATCH 1/3] opcodes: blackfin: avoid duplicate memory reads

[PATCH 2/2] aarch64: Decode dwarf2 register numbers

[PATCH 2/3] opcodes: blackfin: simplify decode_CC2stat_0 logic

[PATCH 3/3] opcodes: bfin: convert ad-hoc ints to bfd_boolean

[patch binutils] Handle Win64 calling convention in ld-plugin tests

[patch binutils]: Fix Bug binutils/11822: PE file alignment ignored in objcopy and strip


[Patch, ARM]Enable veneer routine for R_ARM_THM_JUMP19

[PATCH,i386] Add -momit-lock-prefix option.

[PATCH] [SH] Fix PR 10373

[PATCH] [SH] Fix PR 10378

Re: [PATCH] [SPARC] gas tests for ldx/stx/ldxa/stxa/ldxfsr/stxfsr/ldxefsr/ldfsr/stfsr

[PATCH] Add slbfee. powerpc opcode

[PATCH] add support for high entropy ASLR on Windows

[PATCH] Add typedefs for bfd_openr_iovec functions

[PATCH] ARM/gas: Fix a build failure with GCC 4.3.3

[PATCH] ARM/opcodes: Fix negative hexadecimal offset disassembly

[PATCH] ARM: Add support for armeb-*-eabi*

[PATCH] bfd/coff-ppc.c: Be sure of zero terminated string after copy from '_n_name'

[PATCH] bfd/dwarf2.c: Fix a typo issue related with commit 60d77146a249ae9b51d7ce98930cdbedb2cfa352

[PATCH] Fix PR ld/17277: bogus dynamic relocs and TEXTREL for ARM PC-relative relocs

[PATCH] gas: add support for FreeBSD ARM

[PATCH] have chew stop dropping the first line in, e.g., CODE_FRAGMENT

[PATCH] ld: do not export __dso_handle for PE

Re: [PATCH] MIPS/BFD: Fix a .pdr section linker buffer overrun

[PATCH] MIPS/gas/testsuite: Remove ECOFF offset alternatives

[PATCH] MIPS/gas: LQC2, LDC3 and SQC2 macro !microMIPS assertions

[PATCH] MIPS/gas: SAA/SAAD macro clean-ups

[PATCH] MIPS: Make the CODE10 operand code consistent between ISAs

[PATCH] opcodes: blackfin: do not force align the PC

[PATCH] opcodes: blackfin: handle memory read errors

[PATCH] opcodes: blackfin: push down global state

Re: [PATCH] or1k: GDB not supported for or1k*-*-rtems*

[PATCH] Power/GAS: Don't set VLE annotation for non-VLE processors/instructions

Re: [PATCH] PR ld/16746: Don't issue a warning for reference in LTO IR

[PATCH] Regenerate gdb/configure (Re: Skip ld/lto tests if plugins is disabled for binutils?)

[patch] rl78: fix relax type logic

[PATCH] stateful handling of input flags, take 2

[PATCH][AArch64] Improve copy relocation support on four absolute relocation types

[PATCH][ARM][1/2] Cleanup mixed use of "cpu_variant" and selected_cpu"

[PATCH][ARM][2/2] Update intended_arch based on info got during parsing

[PATCH][ARM][gas] Make gas accept vcmp[e].f{32,64} <reg>, #0.0

[RFC] Convert src-release to a shell script

Add NaCl support to gold for Mips

Add option -no-pie to gold

binutils causes GLIBC ifunc breakage on PowerPC64 ELFv2

Re: binutils-2.24.51.tar.bz2 from CVS?

Re: Building binutils for mspgcc fails

Change ld "notice" interface for better handling of indirect symbols

Commit: MSP430: Fix gas to allow very long function names

Commit: OR1K: Fix typo

Commit: RL78: Fix handling of RELOC_RL78_DIFF fixups

Delete redundant struct cie field

doc/chew.c typo fix

Re: ELIBBAD when linked with gold

Fix build breakage when ld plugins disabled

Fix LTO vs. COFF archives

Fix PR17226, ld --gc-sections segfaults on sparc-linux

GAS .fpu directive

Inconsistent value definition - R_AARCH64_TLS_DTPMOD64

Index PowerPC64 linker generated .eh_frame in .eh_frame_hdr

Re: is the default ld linker script GPL?

Linker part of PR16563 fix

lto --pass-through option

LTO plugin with older gcc

Merge WARN and CWARN cases in _bfd_generic_link_add_one_symbol

Move ARM.exidx to PT_LOAD segment.

Mrs Sarah...Waiting

nios2 as asserttion

Re: objdump segfault

PATCH: Check S-record with 0 size

PATCH: PR ld/17306: ld aborts when linking with --just-symbols

PATCH: PR ld/17313: --just-symbols= leads to discarded dynamic section

PCREL preinit/init/fini arrays?

PowerPC64 call lacks nop error

ppc476 patch area size miscalculation

PR 17287, DT_NEEDED of unneeded libraries affects --as-needed

Prevent alpha_vms_object_p stopping bfd_check_format_matches scan

Question about ld tests requiring plugins support

recent testsuite additions

Return error status from bfd_elf_discard_info

secureplt breaks ld on Alpha Linux

Simplify is_ir_dummy_bfd test

Skip ld/lto tests if plugins is disabled for binutils?


Synchronizing Binutils and GDB releases

Tighten test for ld plugin support

Universality of nop

Re: Warn for ar/nm/ranlib/ld on lto objects without plugin

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