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Re: [PATCH][ARM][gas] Make gas accept vcmp[e].f{32,64} <reg>, #0.0

On 04/08/14 11:08, Will Newton wrote:
On 4 August 2014 10:34, Kyrill Tkachov <> wrote:

Hi Kyrill,

The ARM ARM says that the VFP compare with zero instructions (vcmp, vcmpe)
accept the zero in the form of a #0.0 immediate. However, gas currently only
accepts #0. This patch fixes that and some simple tests are added.

The new parse_ifimm_zerofunction is rather simple and is modelled on the
parse_qfloat_immediate below it and didn't blow up in my testing.

make check on gas passes and a gcc testsuite run doesn't show any problems.

Ok for trunk?


2014-06-24  Kyrylo Tkachov  <>

     * config/tc-arm.c (parse_ifimm_zero): New function.
     (enum operand_parse_code): Add OP_RSVD_FI0 value.
     (parse_operands): Handle OP_RSVD_FI0.
     (asm_opcode_insns): Use RSVD_FI0 for second operand of vcmp, vcmpe.

2014-06-24  Kyrylo Tkachov  <>

     * gas/arm/ual-vcmp.s: New file.
     * gas/arm/ual-vcmp.d: Likewise.
Would it be possible to use my_get_expression or a similar parser for
Hi Will,

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm struggling to figure out what my_get_expression is supposed to be doing. Is it supposed to be taking a string and parsing it into an expressionS?
I'm not very well versed in gas internal data types...


It can be surprisingly tricky to get right, e.g. I think your
code will accept #0.01 as zero for example. In any case it would be
good to have a *-bad.s test which checks to make sure that invalid
values are actually detected.

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