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Newlib for armv6-m (ARM cortex-m0) and wrong assembly in trap.S

[ARM] Adjust strcmp-armv7.S selection logic.

[ARM] Factor out the thumb2 -Os implementation.

[ARM] Fix memchr selection logic.

[ARM] Reorganize memchr selection.

[ARM] Reorganize memcpy selection.

[bug] string.h inadequately respects __POSIX_VISIBLE

[COMMITTED] Fix typo in rpmatch doc reference

[HEADSUP] Giving ChangeLog a rest

Re: [manuals] Manuals failing to build on Ubuntu LTS 14.04

[newlib] print formats for FAST and LEAST types

[newlib][ARM] Updated copyright notice

[newlib][ARM][PATCH 0/3] Refactor param.h and fix missing MIN MAX macro's

[newlib][ARM][PATCH 1/3] Use machine header file for param configuration.

[newlib][ARM][PATCH 2/3] Use machine header file for endianness configuration.

[newlib][ARM][PATCH 3/3] Add MIN MAX macro to param header file.

[newlib][manuals] Manuals failing to build on Ubuntu LTS 14.04

[OR1K,patch] Fixup UART in libgloss

[OR1K] spr-defs.h

[PATCH 0/2] Simplify/improve s(|w)scanf and s(|w)printf documentation markup

[PATCH 0/3] Documentation cleanups

[PATCH 0/3] makedoc fixes

[PATCH 0/4] Add support for Synopsys ARC processors

[PATCH 0/6] More documentation fixes

[PATCH 00/11] Documentation fixes

[PATCH 01/11] Fix makedoc markup used in texinfo source

[PATCH 02/11] Fix some mangled makedoc markup

[PATCH 03/11] Remove stray punctuation in ANSI_SYNOPSIS prototypes

[PATCH 04/11] Correct a non-ANSI prototype in SYNOPSIS

[PATCH 05/11] Fix SYNOPSIS prototypes without marked up parameter names

[PATCH 06/11] Fix an inconsistent use of '.' in FUNCTION

[PATCH 07/11] Fix typo-ed function names in efgcvt.c documentation

[PATCH 08/11] Fix mismatched parentheses in documentation.

[PATCH 09/11] Don't chew files which contain no documentation markup

[PATCH 1/2 v2] Use latest <semaphore.h> from FreeBSD for RTEMS

[PATCH 1/2] doc/makedoc.c: Use uintptr_t to avoid int/pointer size warnings

[PATCH 1/2] Improve markup of sscanf and swscanf documentation

[PATCH 1/2] libgloss: arm: fix copy & paste in syscall.h

[PATCH 1/3] Add and use latest <sys/timespec.h> from FreeBSD

[PATCH 1/3] Add FreeBSD style changes to <sys/cdefs.h>

[PATCH 1/3] Add missing semicolons to prototypes in documentation SYNOPSIS sections

[PATCH 1/3] C11 quick_exit() support for <stdlib.h>

[PATCH 1/3] makedoc: Fix INTERNAL(|DEFINITION|FUNCTION) command definitions

[PATCH 1/4] or1k: Make heap end globally visible

[PATCH 1/4] Remove obsolete ARC system

[PATCH 1/5] [ARM] Refactor strlen.c #if nesting.

[PATCH 1/6] Add missing NEWPAGE commands to makedoc markup in reent/

[PATCH 1/8] or1k: Callee-saved registers for permanent data

[PATCH 1/8] or1k: Callee-saved registers for permanent data (with attachment)

[PATCH 10/11] Use makedoc output files which are generated but aren't included

[PATCH 11/11] Use source files which have makedoc markup, but aren't processed or included.

[PATCH 2/2 v2] Merge parts of <sys/time.h> from FreeBSD

[PATCH 2/2] libc/include/sys/unistd.h: Add prototype of issetugid()

[PATCH 2/2] libgloss: mcore: add custom syscall header

[PATCH 2/2] Simplify the markup for sprintf and swprintf documentation

[PATCH 2/3] C11 aligned_alloc() support for <stdlib.h>

[PATCH 2/3] Consistently use '---' (em dash) in summaries in documentation FUNCTION sections

[PATCH 2/3] doc: Fix some inconsistent QUICKREF lines

[PATCH 2/3] Synchronize <sys/cdef.h> with FreeBSD

[PATCH 2/3] Use latest <sys/time.h> from FreeBSD for RTEMS

[PATCH 2/4] Add support for ARC to libgloss

[PATCH 2/4] or1k: Fix critical handling in malloc locks

[PATCH 2/5] [ARM] Reorganize strlen selection.

[PATCH 2/6] Use makedoc generated texinfo documentation for reentrant syscalls

[PATCH 2/8] or1k: Fix exception stack frame

[PATCH 3/3] C11 aligned_alloc() implementation

[PATCH 3/3] C11 threads support

[PATCH 3/3] makedoc: Don't interpret license text as a command

[PATCH 3/3] Move duplicated documentation Makefile rules to Makefile.shared

[PATCH 3/3] Use latest <semaphore.h> from FreeBSD for RTEMS

[PATCH 3/4] or1k: Allow exception nesting

[PATCH 3/5] [ARM] Rename strlen to strlen-stub.c

[PATCH 3/5] Add support for ARC to newlib

[PATCH 3/6] Fix SYNPOSIS prototypes for iconv functions

[PATCH 3/8] or1k: Store entire context

[PATCH 4/4] Add Synopsys license for newlib and libgloss

[PATCH 4/4] or1k: Typo fixes

[PATCH 4/5] [ARM] Adding strlen.S

[PATCH 4/6] Fix a typo in iconv.tex

[PATCH 4/8] or1k: Bug fix in timer

[PATCH 5/5] [ARM] Factor out the thumb1 -Os implementation.

[PATCH 5/5] ARC: Add assembly string routines

[PATCH 5/6] Remove a stray sentence fragment in iconv.tex

[PATCH 5/8] or1k: UART also accept timeout interrupt

[PATCH 6/6] Remove workaround for texinfo bug with underscores in filenames from mothballed mathfp/

[PATCH 6/8] or1k: Make heap start configurable

[PATCH 7/8] or1k: set heap start for optimsoc-gzll

[PATCH 8/8] or1k: Add missing initialization of impure ptr

[Patch ARM] Provide stub function for __sync_synchronize

[PATCH ARM][newlib] Changed nano.specs to look for system headers in newlib-nano dir

[PATCH RL78] Update crt0.S

[PATCH v2 1/4] Remove obsolete ARC system

[PATCH v2 2/4] Add support for ARC to libgloss

[PATCH v2 3/4] Add support for ARC to newlib

[PATCH v2 4/4] Add Synopsys license for newlib and libgloss

[PATCH v2] [RTEMS] Add <sys/lock.h>

[PATCH v2] Add <sys/_stdint.h> for FreeBSD compatibility

[PATCH v2] Add and use latest <sys/timespec.h> from FreeBSD

[PATCH v2] C11 support for <stdlib.h>

[PATCH v2] Prevent use of uninitialized file lock

[PATCH v2] Replace __attribute((__warning__())) by __attribute__((deprecated()))

[PATCH v2] string: add GNU basename(3)

[PATCH v3] Merge parts of <sys/time.h> from FreeBSD

[PATCH v3] string: add GNU basename(3)

[PATCH, AARCH64] Optimized memcpy

[PATCH, AARCH64] Optimized memmove

[PATCH, AARCH64] Optimized memset

[PATCH, AArch64]: Further strcpy improvements. Add stpcpy.

[PATCH, AArch64]: Optimize strlen

[PATCH, ARM] Check for 64 FP instructions availability in libm before using them

[PATCH, ARM] Select appropriate memcpy implementation for ARMv8-a.

[PATCH, ARM][Newlib] Update the assembler code to support old ARM architectures.

[Patch, MIPS] Improve memcpy performance on MIPS

[Patch, MIPS] Update MIPS memcpy.S for mips32r6/mips64r6 support

[Patch, MIPS] Update MIPS memset.S for mips32r6/mips64r6 support

Re: [PATCH, OR1K] Baremetal system for OpenRISC

[PATCH, OR1K] make newlib build not depend on libgloss installation


[PATCH] [Newlib] [ARM] Support __aeabi_memmove for the arm backend in newlib.

[PATCH] [Newlib] [ARM] Support __aeabi_memset and __aeabi_memclr for the arm backend in newlib.

[PATCH] [RTEMS] Add <sys/lock.h>

[PATCH] [RTEMS] Move header files

[PATCH] [RTEMS] Typo in <sys/lock.h>

[PATCH] aarch64: fabs and sqrt implementation with inline asm

[PATCH] Add --with-sdkdir flag for controlling target library installation location

[PATCH] Add <sys/_stdint.h> for FreeBSD compatibility


[PATCH] Add missing lock releases in __register_exitproc().

[PATCH] Add rpmatch(3)

[PATCH] Add typedef of stack_t for Cygwin

[Patch] Always declare "kill" in include/sys/signal.h

[PATCH] ARC: Use new definitions for optional ARC CPU features

[patch] basename vs. __gnu_basename fix

[PATCH] C11 support for <stdlib.h>

[PATCH] Export _NCPUWORDS as variable for access from within the gnat-rts

Re: [PATCH] Export _NCPUWORDS as variable for access from within the gnat-rts

[PATCH] Fix for _ATEXIT_DYNAMIC_ALLOC in __register_exitproc()

[PATCH] Fix info directory entry

[PATCH] Fix multilib libgloss selection.

[PATCH] FreeBSD compatibility for <sys/select.h>

[PATCH] FT32: add support in libgloss

[PATCH] FT32: add support in newlib

[PATCH] FT32: add support in newlib and libgloss

[PATCH] FT32: reduce newlib code size

[PATCH] Import <sys/tree.h> from FreeBSD

[PATCH] Include <sched.h> in <pthread.h>

Re: [PATCH] libgloss: missing DESTDIRs

[PATCH] Make macro checks ARMv8-M baseline proof

[patch] msp430: make cio interface more flexible

[patch] msp430: use custom libnosys.a

Re: [PATCH] newlib/libc/include/sys/features.h: update newlib version and copyright year

[PATCH] Potential memory leak in argz_replace.c

[PATCH] Prevent use of uninitialized file lock

Re: [PATCH] Re: sparc64-elf crt0.o fails to compile

[PATCH] Replace __attribute((__warning__())) by __attribute__((deprecated()))

[PATCH] Rework handling of basename variants

[patch] rl78 - support saddr/frodata/G10

[PATCH] rl78: Don't output CR when LF is encountered in write()

[patch] strftime/wcsftime: Utilize __TM_GMTOFF and __TM_ZONE

[PATCH] strftime: use tzname if TM_ZONE is NULL

[PATCH] string: add GNU basename(3)

Re: [PATCH] sys/signal.h: include sys/ucontext.h on Cygwin per POSIX.1-2008

[patch] sys/time.h - include sys/cdefs.h

[PATCH] sys/types.h: Avoid bit-manipulation of signed values

[PATCH][AArch64] Tune memcpy

[PATCH][ARM]Honour __heap_limit__ during _sbrk() memory allocation checking.

[PATCH]Fix implicit declaration of function warning and error while compiling testsuite/newlib.wctype/tiswctype.c

[PATCH]Fix newlib.wctype/twctrans.c compilation warning: implicit declaration of function 'toupper' & 'tolower'

[RFC][PATCH] Make manpages via DocBook XML

__ieee754_sqrt: don't truncate constants

_exit in libgloss\libnosys\_exit.c

aarch64 stat

About license term of strncmp.c

allowing redefinition of setjmp()?

Another improvement of gmtime_r()

Archive (library) with syscalls?

Avoid .eh_frame in ARM newlib

Bug in __register_exitproc() in __atexit.c

Bug in openrisc __malloc_lock

Build failure on MIPS (strtorx.c)

Re: Build failure on MIPS (strtorx.c) [Patch attached]

Building newlib for Cortex-M with LLVM

Re: Building shared lib for ARM

C99 support in Newlib

can newlib really work as linux C library on i686 or x86_64?

Fwd: cannot compile with newlib on x86_64

Clang: Replacing __attribute((__warning__())) by __attribute__((deprecated()))

Comment wrong in libc/include/sys/wait.h ?

Commit: Add .note and DWARF3 sections to RX linker scripts

Commit: MSP430: Add support for low & high sections

Commit: MSP430: Add support for persistent data

Commit: MSP430: crt0: Remove watchdog disabling code

Commit: RL78: KEEP the .csstart section contents

Committed: declare kill for CRIS

crt0.o is missing with --target=i686-pc-linux-gnu

CYGWIN 2.3.0 [32/64]: strtold() seems to be broken

Do threads within single process share FILE streams?

duplicate FILE typedef, stdio.h and wchar.h

Evil deed: Switching development repository to git


GNU Tools Cauldron, 9-11 September 2016, Hebden Bridge UK.

h8300, m32c and PRIuPTR

Happy Holidays

inconsistent printf() warning printing size_t

Invalid link to download directory

math code in libc tree

Minor issue/discussion: Behaviour of printf-family depends on optimization-flags [I.e. "(null)" - replacement]

Mismatch between NAME_MAX and MAXNAMLEN

Monthly snapshot 2.2.0-1 available

Monthly snapshot posted to newlib ftp site

Moving the git master branch

msp430: crt0.S pokes at a wrong device address

MSP430: Fix problem initialising .upper.bss section

Newlib 2.3.0 is released

Newlib bug

Newlib nano

Newlib port for the Visium

Newlib snapshot for 03/23/2015 created and put up on ftp site

Newlib snapshot for 04/23/2015 created and put up on ftp site

Re: Newlib Sources for HTTP download

newlib-2_2_0 tag missing?

Newlib/Cygwin now under GIT

Non reentrant floating point functions?

Non regenerated since commit 153385d8

nosys.specs in newlib 2.2.0

optimized memset for ARM

Patch to add %s to strftime

Patch: Change from configure time to compile time probe for intptr_t, definition.

Ping: RFA: RL78: Add absolute symbol to RL78 linker scripts

Point release to fix OpenRISC

Possible mistake in expf

Pre-processor mismatch between [libc/machine/arm] strlen.c and strlen-armv7.s - may lead in duplicate definition

Printing single-precision floating point values

problem in swscanf

Problem with building PDF documentation

Problem with sqrt function

problems when doing cross compilation

Proper way of replacing crt0.o/GCC search path for startup files

Proposal to update config.sub

question about security issues affecting newlib

reent.h: _REENT_INIT bug

Releasing stdout/stdin/stderr descriptors when a task/process finishes

Resumption of Newlib Snapshots

RFA: Add ! LDBL_EQ_DBL implementations of cosl, sinl and tanl

RFA: Add ia64 support to setjmp.h

RFA: Add implementation of cabsl()

RFA: Extend _intsup.h to handle unusual pointer sizes

Re: RFA: Fix RX linker script for big-endian data

RFA: Fix signbit() for 16-bit targets

RFA: RL78: Add absolute symbol to RL78 linker scripts

RFA: RL78: Add an assertion to detect link time data overflow.

RFA: RX: Move init functions into .text section

RFA: Update RX assembler files to conditionally avoid string instructions

RFA: Update swfprintf.c test for 32-bit double targets

RFA: wcstold implementation for ! LDBL_EQ_DBL

RTEMS/newlib limits.h is not getting installed to GCC includes

signals and _REENT

A small issue with _GNU_SOURCE

SMSDOM detected a violation in a document you authored.


sprintf misbehaving with floats

srandom/random on epiphany

strcmp-armv4.S: Error: invalid constant (ff) after fixup

Support for Cygnus-style trees has been removed

syskill.o unconditionally provides 'kill', but signal.h conditionally declares it

Typo in link to latest newlib snapshot

Unable to download newlib-1.11.0.tar.gz file from ftp site

Re: unsetenv() patch for TZ

V850 libgloss: Add .note.renesas section to simulator linker script

Warning Building Newlib Head

wchar_t printf() format warning

wcstold implementation

What to do with newlib git mirror?

Wrong documentation for open()

Year 2038 problem

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