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Newlib/Cygwin now under GIT

Hi fellow developers,

I'm happy to inform you that the move of Newlib/Cygwin from the src CVS
repository to the new, combined GIT repository is now final.

Here's how to access the new GIT repository:


  git clone git://


  git clone

Web view:

Commit messages go to the newlib-cvs and/or cygwin-cvs mailing lists,
just as before.  Commit messages also create a message to the freenode
IRC channel #cygwin-developers.

If you find problems, don't hesitate to report them, preferredly  on the
mailing list

  newlib AT sourceware DOT org
I'm not a git wizard, rather a wizzard (pardon the discworld reference)
so help in case of problems is highly appreciated.

Newlib list:  Jeff is on the road for the next couple of days so a
discussion of this point has to wait a while, but for the time being,
patches should continue to be accompanied by a ChangeLog entry.

Have fun,

Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer
Red Hat

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