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--line-regexp option with null data

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: busybox-1.23.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: znc-1.6.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: xwin-xdg-menu-20150706-1

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New: xwin-xdg-menu-20150706-1 [GOLDSTAR]

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Release: mintty 2.0.1










[ANNOUNCEMENT] Test: GraphicsMagick-1.3.21-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Test: ImageMagick-

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: connect-proxy 1.104-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: mintty 2.0.2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: mintty 2.0.3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: mintty 2.1.1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: mintty 2.1.2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: mintty 2.1.3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: xdelta 1.1.4-2 & xdelta3 3.0.9-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Update: xdelta 3.0.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated catdoc 0.94.2-5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated cvs 1.11.23-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated for 32-bit, new for 64-bit: libsigsegv-2.10-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: biber-2.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: bind-9.10.2-2.P2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: clisp-2.49-5.20150312hg15611

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Cygwin 2.1.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: diffstat-1.60-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: diffutils-3.3-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dos2unix 7.2.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gcc-4.9.3-1 (x86/x86_64)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: GeoIP-database-20150707-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Git v2.4.5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: httpd-2.4.16-1 (obsoletes: apache2)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ImageMagick-

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: lftp 4.6.3a-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libwmf-

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: lilypond--2.19.22-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: lyx-2.1.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: lzip-1.17.1 and lziprecover-1.17-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: m4-1.4.17-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: maxima-5.36.0-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mesa-10.5.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mesa-10.6.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mkvtoolnix-8.2.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: octave forge packages

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: OpenSSH-6.9p1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openssl-1.0.2d-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: perl-5.22.0-1 and all Perl distributions

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: python*-pyqt4-4.11.4-1, python*-pyqt5-5.4.2-1, python*-sip-4.16.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Qt 5.4.2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Ruby on Rails 4.2.3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: stow-2.2.0-2, New: perl-Stow-2.2.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: stunnel 5.20-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tcsh-6.19.00-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tesseract-ocr-3.04.00-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: TeX Live 2015

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tzcode-2015e-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: w32api-{headers,runtime}-4.0.4-1 (x86/x86_64)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: whois-5.2.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xinit-1.3.4-9 (major changes to multiwindow session)

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xorg-server-1.17.1-5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xorg-server-1.17.2-1 (TEST)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xwin-xdg-menu-20150708-1

[Attn CVS maintainer] Re: CVS checkout with absolute path fails in 32-bit build

RE: [cygwin] Re: Maven Cygwin native Package?

[GOLDSTAR] Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Release: mintty 2.0.1

ACL Hell

Analyzing a SEG FAULT that gdb doesn't help with

Applications no longer launching from xdg

autoreconf: problem while executing

Aw: Re: Xwin exits early

bat files not automatically assumed to be executable

brltty under cygwin

cannot find crti.o error, while building gcc cross compiler:

commands spends time in cygheap_user

cygutils depends on obsolete libpopt0 package

Re: Cygwin "cp" changes ACLs on files accessed via CIFS

Cygwin date displays only GMT on Win7

Re: Re: cygwin on W7: stalled scp (openssh-6.8p1), lost ssh-scp-pipe data

RE: Cygwin Shell Fails to Start when Enabling High Address

Cygwin ssh and Windows authentication

Cygwin unable to resolve hostnames

Cygwin X11 server won't start

db_home setting in nsswitch.conf is ignored.

Re: Does /etc/profile need to set MANPATH?

eLearning Course - Everything You Need to Know About....Negotiation


file-error "doing chmod" "permission denied" issue

find_fast_cwd : warning : Couldn't compute FAST_CWD pointer

fontconfig and ghostscript

Re: GCC upgrade to 4.9.3 version request

Git packages with Perl 5.2.2 [Was: CVS checkout with absolute path fails in 32-bit build]

How to expand tabs? Where is expand program.

httpd immediate segfault on startup

Isuse with xwin-xdg-menu "View logfile"

latest tcsh build has problems completing ln -s

ldd freezes

libMagickCore6_2- (x86) in wrong compression format

Looking for 64-bit proxy

Maven Cygwin native Package?

Mcafee e'prise false positive on (x86) texlive-collection-fontsrecommended?

Migrating from MKS to Cygwin

Minor issues with Cygwin/X FAQ webpage

MinTTY 2.1.3 update breaks interoperability with ConEmu

Mintty 32bit: False Positive

Re: mintty system integration before release

missing osmctools package (Osmfilter + Osmconvert)

msbuild not being found

New apache 2.4 package

noDosFileWarning no longer required?

Norton Business Suite identifies minntty as malware

Ok, just a request for explanation/clarification then ...

Pandoc, Haskell and Matplotlib?

Re: path dependent on drive in cygwin

Problems running "hg convert" with "subversion[-python]" 1.8.13-2

Problems with cygwin in Windows 10

problems with perl after a new installation

Processes randomly get stuck

Python bindings for cygclang.dll causing segmentation fault on 64 bit system

Qt5: QDir::mkpath() fails for /cygdrive/ paths

read() returns data but not the number of read bytes

Release: mintty 2.0.1

Return codes over 1 byte

Seg Fault in strftime

Serial Port communication issues in Cygwin

setup 2.871 fails from command line on Windows 7 with "setup-x86.exe has stopped working"

setup improvement . was : autoreconf: problem while executing

SIGINT generated by Control-C, is not delivered in mintty

Re: SIGINT generated by Control-C, is not delivered in mintty -- another attempt

SIGSEGV before main ? and gcc-debuginfo

startx-xwin seg fault, signal 11

stow-2.2.0-1 modules installs to [...]/site_perl/5.10 in 2.0.4 x86

Re: tclsh does not export changes to env to child process

Telnet / SSH connection timeout on LAN

Terminfo bug in screen-256color

Re: Tesseract 3.04.00

Re: TEST RELEASE: Cygwin 2.1.0-0.4

time.h missing scope ?

Update: mintty 2.0.2

Update: mintty 2.1.3

Re: Updated: xorg-server-1.17.2-1 (TEST)

Vim, Mintty, and mouse resizing no longer works.

w32api-headers update?

What can I do about messages bouncing - ezmlm warning

Re: What generates colossal 1.4G /usr/share/icons

What generates colossal 1.4G /usr/share/icons/

xorg-server 1.17.2-1 and dexpot - X11 windows disappear

Xwin exits early

XWin in Multiwindow mode - window opens up 8 pixels from the left

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