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Re: Cygwin date displays only GMT on Win7

Greetings, Siv!

> Hi Andrey,
> The TZSET.exe

Please read whole message without skipping lines.

> file couldn't do anything helpful,

It is not supposed to "do anything", unless absolutely necessary.
I used it to confirm that the respective timezone was properly registered, and
it was, indeed, registered properly.

> but after looking in the
> Win7 control panel, in the "Date and Time" config, there was an option which
> was not set (never knew about it).

Not set as in - you had no timezone selected? I don't know how is that
possible, but all right. It may explain the issue you was observing.

> Changed it to UTC+05.30 and removed all
> extra settings in the cygwin.bat. Restarted cygwin and voila, date cmd is
> giving correct system time. 

> Hi Corinna, 
> Anyway will give a try out on the case insensitive check of time-zone.
> And thanx a lot for following up and the help. 

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Thursday, July 9, 2015 09:12:36

Sorry for my terrible english...

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