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Re: How to expand tabs? Where is expand program.

On Jul 2, 2015, at 5:14 PM, Richard Heintze <> wrote:
> There used to be a very handy cygwin program called expand for expanding tabs into spaces. 

expand(1) goes way, way back before Cygwin.  Not as far back as V7 Unix.  Maybe 4.3BSD?

> I tried searching the archives for it but there were too many hits for other topics ("expand" is a common word, apparently). 

The proper way to search for such a thing is to put âexpand.exeâ into the Cygwin Package Search:

It tells you itâs in coreutils.

Thatâs in Base, so if that didnât get installed, or expand.exe got removed afterward, your Cygwin installation may be broken.  Iâd force a reinstall of coreutils, and maybe everything else in Base, too.

> Has it been taken away? I hope not!

It pretty much canât be taken away; itâs required by POSIX:

> How can I get a command line interface for expanding tabs into spaces that I can easily use from VI?

You donât have to, actually.  Say :set expandtab.  Now you donât need expand(1) at all. :)

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