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cygutils depends on obsolete libpopt0 package

According to the 32-bit setup.ini I've just downloaded, the cygutils
package has a single dependency: libpopt0.  However libpopt0 is marked
as an obsolete package.

Can we either reinstate libpopt0 to full package status, so it appears
in the regular setup-x86 package lists, or switch cygutils to depend on
whatever replaced libpopt0 (which I think is popt)?

I haven't checked whether the same problem also affects 64-bit builds.
In case it's a mirror problem, I picked up my setup.ini from

Relevant extracts from the setup.ini below:

    release: cygwin
    arch: x86
    setup-timestamp: 1438006211
    setup-version: 2.871

    @ cygutils
    sdesc: "A collection of simple utilities (core collection)"
    ldesc: "A collection of simple (single source file) utilities,
    including: lpr, banner, dump (no, not the ext2 backup utility; it's
    a hexdumper), Windows clipboard manipulation programs, and many
    category: Base
    requires: libpopt0
    version: 1.4.14-1

    @ libpopt0
    sdesc: "Obsolete libpopt library"
    category: _obsolete
    requires: popt
    version: 1.16-1

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