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setup improvement . was : autoreconf: problem while executing

On 7/4/2015 11:06 PM, Simon Eigeldinger wrote:
Hi Ken and Marco,

Am 04.07.2015 um 18:40 schrieb Ken Brown:

I suggest you to remove most of  not necessary programs.

As a blind person using a screen reader its a little bit difficult to
use the package list in the setup.
can i remove packages using the command line and use wildcards?
i looked at the setup faq but haven't found anything if i could for
example tell the setup to remove all packages that have
texlive-collection in their name.

you are right.
Setup for the time being allow only to remove specific package

-x --remove-packages              Specify packages to uninstall

It will be nice to have at least the possibility to read the list from a file.

For your case, creating a .bat file is not ideal, but should work :

cygcheck -cd | grep "texlive-collection-lang*" | awk 'BEGIN { printf ("setup-x86.exe -q ")} {printf "-x " $1 " " }END { printf "\r\n pause "}' > remove.bat

and than you run the remove.bat

maybe it would also be a good idea to use a normal list box with
checkboxes to uncheck or check the packages in the future to make it
more accessible.

or use a normal listbox and make the list items toggleable like
selecting the all item or admin or devel category in the list box and
hit space to cycle the list item through all the possibilities (default,
install, reinstall, uninstall, etc).

because at the moment you can't focus the list with a keyboard  and
other screen reader function.

As Achim is working on setup, may be he can also look on that.


Different topic: are you currently using brltty ?
We lost the package maintainer and it was never ported to 64bit,
so it was for these reasons, recently removed from cygwin.

I can work to repackage it, but I need a tester
that has a "refreshable braille display".


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