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Re: Telnet / SSH connection timeout on LAN

On Jul 5, 2015, at 6:35 PM, Spinfusion <> wrote:
> To set up rsync over SSH, to sync my org-mode GTD files, activated every
> time my laptop or pc goes idle, as described by Gina Trapani.

If youâre referring to the following article, it was written about a month before Dropbox went live.

Since then, Google, Apple, Microsoft and others have jumped onto the free cloud storage bandwagon.  All of those services address every one of the advantages Gina gives for her solution, except open source, and for that, youâve got the likes of tarsnap:

Why are you reinventing these perfectly good wheels, poorly?

Yes, poorly.  rsync requires a pretty heavy network transaction to figure out if files have changed.  These other services monitor local files and initiate the delta transfer only when they see a local change.  That cost is best paid as rarely as possible; âon every idleâ is too often.

Anyway, how is futzing around with DIY backup schemes Getting Things Done? :)

> ssh error: connection timed out

The remote machine either:

a) isnât running ssh; verify with ânetstat -na | grep 22.*LISTEN"

b) is running it, but itâs firewalled; just because you think the firewall is down doesnât mean it is; there could be two or more firewalls, for example

c) itâs on another port; check the /etc/sshd_config file, unless you know for a fact that you never touched it

Failing all that, what does ssh -vvv say?

> I don't know what I'm doing and would appreciate some guidance.

Did you set Cygwin sshd up using ssh-host-config?  That should be all the guidance you require.  Maybe run it again and pay more attention to the things it tells you this time? :)

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