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Re: db_home setting in nsswitch.conf is ignored.

Thank you both for trying to help me out. I'm primarily a web 
developer and lack much of the system admin knowledge that would 
definitely help in this situation. 

> > Yes, HOME is set in the Windows environment and I am not able to change it. 
> How so?... 
> > With the "SET" command in a Windows command prompt I can see: 
> That's suspicious. So many symbols not allowed to be there. 

Not only does it look strange, but I can't tell where it's being set. 
Under System > Advanced > Environment Variables, there is no 
HOME variable set. When I put one in, it's ignored. If I type 
"set home" from the command prompt I get: 


I guess that would suggest the admins are using it to build up 
the full path dynamically for some reason. I'll need to talk to 
them about making any modifications. 

> On a second look into your OP, I'm also a bit puzzled about the 
> settings you made in /etc/nsswitch.conf. 

>From the documentation, it looked like "db_home: /home/%U" should 
solve my problems. When that didn't have any affect, I was 
just grasping at straws. I didn't try those all at once,
I just wanted to show the options I had tried.

Cygwin works perfectly in my home environment and on a virtual 
machine I have at work using a standard Windows installation. My 
work environment has caused problems with other programs in the past, 
but it seemed like this HOME variable situation could be 
bypassed by the "/etc/nsswitch.conf" file. I'll talk with the admins 
about Cygwin and see if they want to help me get this issue 
worked out. Thanks again for your efforts.

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