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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: perl-5.22.0-1 and all Perl distributions

Perl has been updated to the current upstream release version 5.22.0 for
Cygwin on both architectures.  This version (like all major version
updates) is binary incompatible with XS modules and applications linked
against the Perl DLL, these will have to be rebuilt using the new Perl.
Due to the large version jump (from 5.14.4), there are lots of
user-visible changes and deprecations.  To learn about these, please





The next Perl release 5.22.1 (a maintenance release) is expected
somewhere in September at the moment.


Due to the large version jump (from 5.14.4), all Perl distributions and
packages using Perl under the hood needed to be updated as well.  Five
packages still need to be updated for the new Perl: amanda, ming,
pristine-tar, grepmail and sendxmpp.  If you are using one of those
pakcages, please wait with the Perl update until these have been updated
as well.


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