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-Wstringop-truncation warnings

Re: RFID Products - China Grittag

SAVOIR-ÊTRE PROFESSIONNEL : le véritable moteur de croissance

[0/4] C-SKY port

[0/4] C-SKY port V2

[1/4] C-SKY port V2: BFD and ELF support

[2/4] C-SKY port V2: Opcodes library

[3/4] C-SKY port V2: Assembler

[4/4] C-SKY port V2: Linker

[AARCH64] Add support of ARMv8.4 in saphira for Qualcomm server part

[PATCH 0/2] Define _edata, __bss_start, and _end only for executables

[PATCH 00/12] x86: various improvements

[PATCH 01/12] x86: fold MOV to/from segment register templates

[PATCH 02/12] x86: fold various AVX512VL templates into their AVX512F counterparts

[PATCH 03/12] x86: fold various AVX512CD templates

[PATCH 04/12] x86: fold various AVX512BW templates

[PATCH 05/12] x86: fold various AVX512DQ templates

[PATCH 06/12] x86: fold various AVX512* templates

[PATCH 07/12] x86: fold VFPCLASSP{D,S} templates

[PATCH 08/12] x86: fold narrowing VCVT* templates

[PATCH 09/12] x86-64: correct AVX512F vcvtsi2s{d,s} handling

[PATCH 1/2] Fix print format warning.

[PATCH 1/2] ld: Define _edata, __bss_start, and _end only for executables

[PATCH 1/3] Move gdb/common/diagnostics.h to include/diagnostics.h

Re: [PATCH 1/7] bfd:pru: Fix LDI32 relocation to conform to TI ABI

[PATCH 10/12] x86: drop CpuVREX

[PATCH 11/12] x86: don't abort() upon DATA16 prefix on (E)VEX encoded insn

[PATCH 12/12] x86/Intel: correct permitted operand sizes for AVX512 scatter/gather

[PATCH 2/2] ld: Update tests for _edata, __bss_start, and _end changes

[PATCH 2/2] S12Z: Avoid compiler warnings.


Re: [PATCH 3/3] Enable Intel MOVDIRI, MOVDIR64B instructions.


[PATCH v2 1/7] bfd:pru: Fix LDI32 relocation to conform to TI ABI

[PATCH v2 2/7] gas:pru: Fix LDI32 pseudo to conform to TI ABI

[PATCH v2 3/7] ld:testsuite:pru: Fix LDI32 pseudo to conform to TI ABI

[PATCH v2 4/7] ld:pru: Add sections for compatibility with TI proprietary toolchain

[PATCH v2 5/7] ld:pru: Switch to init_array linker script

[PATCH v2 6/7] bfd:pru: Enable REL relocations

[PATCH v2 7/7] gas: pru: Add range checks for constant operands

Re: [PATCH v2] gold: Use autotools pthread macro

[PATCH v2] Use DIAG_IGNORE_NEEDS_COMMENT to silence -Wstringop-truncation

Re: [PATCH v4] BFD: Prevent writing the MIPS _gp_disp symbol into symbol tables

[PATCH, committed] x86: Don't set eh->local_ref to 1 for versioned symbol

[PATCH, committed] x86: Replace AddrPrefixOp0 with AddrPrefixOpReg

[PATCH, ppc] Simplify VLE handling in print_insn_powerpc()

[PATCH-rebase] [NFP] Fix werrors for 32-bit builds.

Re: [PATCH] [configure] Added "nfp" to the build for binutils.

[PATCH] [NFP] Fix werrors for 32-bit builds.

[PATCH] Add pei-x86-64 target to x86_64-*-rtems*

Re: Re: Fwd: [PATCH] arm: ensure symbol is a thumb symbol in new binutils

[PATCH] AROS: update supported targets for the AROS operating system.

[PATCH] Bump version number to 2.30.52

[PATCH] Cleanup ppc code dealing with opcode dumps

[PATCH] coffcode.h: Fix uninitialized variable.

[PATCH] Fix overlapping sections in ELF files when a memory segment has no contents

[PATCH] Fix typo in to make it agree with

[PATCH] gas/i386/xmmhi32.d: Also allow dir32 relocation

[PATCH] gas: xtensa: fix literal movement

[PATCH] gdb: Update autotools version used for gnulib import

Re: [PATCH] gold: Fix _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_ value for large GOTs

[PATCH] i386: Append ".p2align 4,0" to gas tests

[PATCH] ld testsuite add test for noexecstack

[PATCH] ld: Add _bfd_elf_link_hide_sym_by_version

[PATCH] ld: Hide symbols defined by HIDDEN/PROVIDE_HIDDEN

[PATCH] ld: Run pr23189 for all targets

[PATCH] ld: Skip some x86 IFUNC tests for NaCl targets

[PATCH] ld: Unify STT_GNU_IFUNC handling

[PATCH] Mark section in a section group with SHF_GROUP

[PATCH] NDS32/BFD: Fix build error in `nds32_convert_32_to_16'

[PATCH] NDS32/GAS: Correct an `expr' global shadowing error for pre-4.8 GCC

[PATCH] ppc: Fix warning messages when IBM and IEEE long double are mixed

[PATCH] readelf: Add magic number for Freescale S12Z

[PATCH] RISC-V: Add ld test cases for weak reference calls

[PATCH] RISC-V: Add missing hint instructions from RV128I.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Add RV32E support.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Fix .align handling when .option norelax.

[PATCH] RISC-V: Fix ld-elf/pr22269* testcases.

[PATCH] RISC-V: New emulations to make path searches follow glibc ABI.

[PATCH] Use DIAG_IGNORE_NEEDS_COMMENT to silence -Wstringop-truncation

[PATCH] Use offsets instead of addresses in ELF_SECTION_IN_SEGMENT

[PATCH] x86-64: Add TLSDESC fields to elf_x86_lazy_plt_layout

[PATCH] x86/Intel: accept "oword ptr" for INVPCID

[PATCH] x86: don't emit REX.W for SLDT and STR

[PATCH] x86: Don't set eh->local_ref to 1 for linker defined symbols

[PATCH] x86: fix "REP RET" with -madd-bnd-prefix

[PATCH] x86: Mark __bss_start, _end and _edata locally defined

[PATCH] x86: relax redundant REX prefix check

[PATCH] x86: simplify control register check

[PATCH] x86: tighten condition for emitting LOCK on control register accesses

[PATCH] x86; Allow IFUNC pointer defined in PDE

[PATCH] xtensa: add separate property sections option

[PATCH] xtensa: use property tables for correct disassembly

[PATCH][AArch64][Binutils] Fix disassembly mask for vector sdot.

[PATCH][AArch64][GAS] Allow integer immediates for fmov instructions.

[PATCH][AArch64][GAS] Fix unintialized variable which can cause diagnostic failures.

[PATCH][ARM][GAS] Allow integer immediate for VFP vmov instructions.

[PATCH][Binutils][AArch64] Allow non-fatal errors to be emitted and for disassembly notes be placed [Patch (2/3)]

RE: [PATCH][binutils][AArch64] Fix debug trace build for AArch64.

RE: [PATCH][Binutils][AArch64] fix unintialized memory

[PATCH][Binutils][AArch64] Implement Read/Write constraints on system registers [Patch (3/3)]

[PATCH][Binutils][AArch64] Modify Assembly and disassembly functions to be able to fail and report why [Patch (1/3)]

Re: [RFA][z80] Request for adoption of target z80

Re: [RFC] Hide autogenerated symbols when linking shared libraries

[RFC][PATCH, ppc] Remove fake operand handling for extended mnemonics

[RFC][PATCH] MIPS: Add default for fno-delayed-branch to link spec string

[RFC][PATCH] MIPS: Add option to control delay slots exploiting

Add znver2 support for Binutils


backporting gdb build failure fix to binutils 2.30

Bug 23142, SIGSEGV in is_strip_section

Commit: Skip generating GNU Build notes for linkonce sections

Commit: Synchronize top level config.sub & config.guess files with master versions.

Correct powerpc spe opcode lookup

Dwarf views broken on ia64?

Fwd: ezmlm warning

Get a Loan between R100 and R200,000

Important, please!

Introducing a nanoMIPS port for Binutils, GDB and GOLD

libbfd.h and libcoff.h include guards

Re: Linker plugin API.

New Chinese (simplified) PO file for 'opcodes' (version 2.30.0)

New Esperanto PO file for 'gprof' (version 2.28.90)

New Malay PO file for 'gprof' (version 2.28.90)

New Portuguese PO file for 'bfd' (version 2.30.0)

Re: New Spanish PO file for 'gas' (version 2.30.0)

PATCH [1/4] C-SKY port: ELF and BFD support

PATCH [2/4] C-SKY port: opcodes library

PATCH [3/4] C-SKY port: assembler

PATCH [4/4] C-SKY port: linker

Phobos static lib not build properly anymore after update to binutils 2.30 on NixOS

Re: plugin-api.h patch to add a new interface for linker plugins

PR20659, Objcopy and change section lma failing

PR22069, Several instances of register accidentally spelled as regsiter

PR22458, failure to choose a matching ELF target

PR23141, SIGSEGV in bfd_elf_set_group_contents

PR23147, Heap buffer overflow in pe_print_idata

PR23148, Heap buffer overflow in pe_print_edata

PR23199, Invalid SHT_GROUP entry leads to group confusion

PR23207, hppa ld SIGSEGVs on invalid object files

PR23235, make check uses system installed ld

Recognize more targets as ELF for testing

Regen ld potfile

Restore LDFLAGS in notes.exp


Run a few more binutils tests non-native

s12z regen

score gcc-8 warning fixes

section index of the _end symbol

ServiceNow Users Email List

Re: Silence gcc-8 warnings

Sync include & libiberty with gcc

Re: Targetting S12Z

Update autotools version for gdb and binutils

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