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(Q) what is __lock_close() ? can I leave it empty?



<sys/cdefs.h> patch set overview

[AArch64] Set errno in ftruncate() and truncate().

[BUG] wprintf(L"%s", str) expects str to be wide

[HEADSUP] Change to __sFile structure (was Re: [PATCH] Do not break buffers in fvwrite for unbuffered files)

[libgloss, arm] fix elf-rdimon.specs

[libiberty] xmalloc cannot return NULL

[new member]

Re: [patch 0/3]: AndesCore (nds32) contribution statement

[PATCH 01/14] Move definition of __bounded, etc.

[PATCH 02/14] FreeBSD update of header guard

[PATCH 03/14] FreeBSD update of __BEGIN_DECLS and __END_DECLS

[PATCH 04/14] FreeBSD update of __GNUCLIKE_ASM, etc.

[PATCH 05/14] FreeBSD update of __P, etc.

[PATCH 06/14] FreeBSD update of __strong_reference, etc.

[PATCH 07/14] FreeBSD update of __dead2, etc.

[PATCH 08/14] FreeBSD update of _Alignas, etc.

[PATCH 09/14] FreeBSD update of __always_inline, etc.

[PATCH 1/2] getopt.c: warning fix (signed/unsigned comparison) -, strlen() returns size_t, so no need to cast

[PATCH 1/2] Prepare for global only atexit handling

[PATCH 1/3] Move __atexit_lock definition

[patch 1/3]: AndesCore (nds32) support

[PATCH 1/7] New path defines for <paths.h>

[PATCH 10/14] FreeBSD update of __printflike, etc.

[PATCH 11/14] FreeBSD update of __FBSDID, etc.

[PATCH 12/14] FreeBSD update of __DECONST, etc.

[PATCH 13/14] FreeBSD update of __POSIX_VISIBLE, etc.

[PATCH 14/14] FreeBSD update of file header


[PATCH 2/2] getopt.c: use fputs()/fputc() instead of fprintf() to, save code space

[PATCH 2/3] Enforce global atexit handling

[patch 2/3]: AndesCore (nds32) support

[PATCH 2/7] Use <stdint.h> in <machine/_default_types.h>


[patch 3/3]: AndesCore (nds32) support

[PATCH 3/7] Delete RTEMS specific _ssize_t definition

[PATCH 4/7] Avoid RTEMS specifics in <sys/_types.h>

[PATCH 5/7] Provide RTEMS specific _POSIX_HOST_NAME_MAX

[PATCH 6/7] Avoid conflicting type definitions for RTEMS

[PATCH 64bit] ssize_t

[PATCH 7/7] Update RTEMS specific param.h

[Patch ARM] Add further baremetal target specs file.

[Patch ARM] Add support for bare-metal cpu initialization on A profile cores.

[Patch ARM] Fix up angel API for Thumb2 in non-M class configurations.

[Patch ARM] Fix up some issues with init-cpu code in T32 state.

[PATCH Newlib]Add descripton for feature customizing options in newlib readme file

[PATCH newlib]An alternative implementation of malloc family's functions with small foot-print

Re: [PATCH newlib]Bring back wchar io files for --disable-newlib-wide-orient option

[PATCH newlib]Bring back wchar io files for --disable-newlib-wide-orient option

[PATCH Newlib]Dont inline std when optimizing for size

[PATCH Newlib]Introducing new config option to disable optimization on unbuffered unix stream file

[PATCH newlib]New configuration option disable io vector buffer in Newlib

[PATCH newlib]New configuration option disable fseek optimization in Newlib

[PATCH newlib]New configuration option disable wide orientation in Newlib

[PATCH NEWLIB]remove redundant test in fwalk.c

[PATCH v2, ARM] Integrate optimized Cortex A15 memcpy.

[PATCH v2] Harmonize stdint.h and _default_types.h

[PATCH v2] Move MAXPATHLEN definition

[PATCH v2] Use latest FreeBSD definition for DIRSIZ

[PATCH, AArch64] Add missing CFLAGS in libgloss makefiles

[PATCH, AArch64] Associate 'stack_ptr' with wsp register in ILP32

[Patch, AArch64] Fix pointer assignment to param_block_t variables

[Patch, AArch64] Update crt0.S to be ILP32-friendly

[PATCH, ARM AArch64] Remove the user namespace symbol 'start' from newlib and libgloss

[PATCH, ARM] Integrate optimized Cortex A15 memcpy.

[patch, libgloss, mips] Add unlink, lseek, stat functions.

[patch, libgloss] Create nosys.specs

[Patch, microblaze]: Add a small Linux BSP

[Patch, microblaze]: Add config/ for target_makefile_frag

[Patch, microblaze]: Add little-endian support

[Patch, microblaze]: Adjust exception handler to be weak

[Patch, microblaze]: target_makefile_frag to include default libgloss

[patch, mips] Fix memcpy for mipsisa64-elf target

[patch, mips] Fix parallel build on MIPS

RE: [Patch, mips]: Add support for FR=1/o32. Update implementation of setjmp/longjmp

[Patch, mips]: Add support for FR=1/o32. Update implemention of setjmp/longjmp

[Patch, Newlib/Libm] Avoid index.html and Index.html file name clash on platform like windows

[PATCH, v3] ARM: Integrate Cortex-A15 optimized memcpy using NEON/VFP.

[patch] *scanf: Allow language-dependent radix character

[PATCH] [AArch64] Ensure vector table is page aligned.

[patch] [newlib, nano] Implement nano_malloc_stats

[PATCH] __compar_fn_t

[PATCH] AArch64 fix strncmp implementation.

[PATCH] AArch64 fix strnlen implementation.

[PATCH] AArch64 libgloss adding specs files.

[PATCH] AArch64 optimized memcmp implementation.

[PATCH] AArch64 optimized memmove

[PATCH] aarch64 optimized strcmp, memset and memcpy

[PATCH] AArch64 optimized strlen implementation.

[PATCH] AArch64 optimized strncmp

[PATCH] Add <stdatomic.h> from FreeBSD

[PATCH] Add AArch64 optimized strnlen.




[PATCH] Add rawmemchr

[PATCH] add redefinition guards to sys/types.h

[patch] Altera Nios II support

[patch] Altera Nios II support (revised)

Re: [patch] Altera Nios II support (version 3)

[PATCH] ARM set errno in ftruncate and truncate stubs.

[PATCH] arm, provide ftruncate() and truncate() stubs.

[PATCH] ARM: Fix strcmp() for Thumb-1

[patch] ARM: Memcpy for armv7m/armv7em

[PATCH] ARM: Use local labels in strcmp.S

[patch] ctype: fix missing include for jp2uc


[PATCH] Disable thread cancellation support for RTEMS

[PATCH] Do not break buffers in fvwrite for unbuffered files

[PATCH] Fix build failure for big-endian targets

[patch] fix configure for powerpc altivec and spe

[PATCH] Fix FILE structure alignment

[PATCH] Fix NULL pointer access in getopt_internal()

[PATCH] Fix potential reent issue

[PATCH] Fix testcase twctype.c when configured --enable-newlib-mb

[PATCH] Fix use after free in closedir

[PATCH] getopt.c: use integer-only function fiprintf() to save code space

[PATCH] getopt.h: should be "const char *"

[PATCH] Harmonize stdint.h and _default_types.h

[patch] hash: fix build time warnings w/hash funcs

[PATCH] Improved memset for MIPS

[PATCH] Initialize _reent with memset, also in the _REENT_SMALL case

[PATCH] libgloss: respect DESTDIR for RX

[PATCH] memcpy-armv7a.S: Improve performance with misaligned buffers.

[PATCH] memory leak in _reclaim_reent

[PATCH] Move _wrapup_reent() to new file

[PATCH] Move MAXPATHLEN definition

[PATCH] New configuration option for lite exit

[patch] New option --disable-reenterable-atexit

[PATCH] newlib/MAINTAINERS: Add myself to Write After Approval.

[PATCH] Properly initialize dynamically created '_atexit' structures

[PATCH] Provide posix_spawn implementation

[PATCH] Pthreads cleanup push/pop changes

[PATCH] Read past buffer end in readdir_r

[PATCH] Reduce code size of _REENT_INIT_PTR()

[PATCH] Reduce RAM usage of floating point conversion functions

[PATCH] Remove _wrapup_reent()

[PATCH] Revert last changes of <machine/_default_types.h>

[PATCH] RTEMS: Add CPU_*_S() support

[PATCH] RTEMS: Increase MSIZE from 128 to 256

[PATCH] RTEMS: Use __inline instead of inline

[PATCH] strlen-armv7.S: Import latest strlen code.

[patch] take 2: fix configure for powerpc altivec and spe

[PATCH] Update <sys/cdefs.h> with latest FreeBSD versions

[PATCH] Update cdefs.h and stdatomic.h

[PATCH] Update newlib so that it passes libc++'s tests

[PATCH] Use latest FreeBSD version of <sys/queue.h>

[PATCH] Use local variable for _REENT

[PATCH] Use non-underscore stat() and fstat()

[PATCH] Use offsetof instead of magic number in scandir()

[PATCH][AArch64] libgloss ftruncate() and truncate() stubs

[patch][newlib][nano] Fix typo in malloc_mallopt

[RFC]New implementation of C89 streamio for resource limited bare metal systems

__DYNAMIC_REENT__ part of external API?

Add realpath Prototype

Add restrict keyword to sys/stat.h

Adding a bsp/OS to newlib

Adding new target to newlib

Altering compile flags for newlib

ARM CM3 printf() problem

ARM Multilib libc - make install only copies the default libc.a file to the toolchain directory.

Arm toolchain with gcc / newlib / VFP / hard float - can it be done?

Fwd: arm[eb]-eabi-gcc for cortex-r4[f] with newlib has problems with multilib/libraries.

atexit() stuff in thread-local reent?

Away Until Jan 7th

Bug compiling the C version of memset with gcc -O3

Re: Bug in Cygwin strtod()

Build fails for mips1

Build problem?

building GCC cross toolchain for mips

C99 support in Newlib

Changing __weak_reference

Changing the output port address.

CodeSourcery's licensing of newlib files

Commit: Libgloss: MSP430: Add interrupt vector support & libcrt

Committed: fix breakage from recent stdio.h change

CVS or git now?

Divergence from BSD sources, e.g. __GNUC_PREREQ()

Documentation for lock APIs in sys/lock.h

Error linking C program

exit() and __cxa_atexit()

ftp Download broken

ftruncate or chsize in newlib/libgloss?

getopt changes

hash.c and _stat variants

Heap and Stack collision check for arm target

How to destroy _reent structure

Idea - NDYNAMIC, __sfmoreglue()

IMPORTANT: hardware migration, MARCH 18..22

Kitchens Swindon

Last <sys/cdefs.h> change and

libc/sys/rdos has DOS format files

libm reentrancy

List configuration

malloc crashes for values >3500

missing methods in inttypes.h

MMU Off / Strict Alignment

new port: msp430

Newlib 2.1.0 is released

Newlib 2.1.0 not building

Newlib : stdio : fprintf and sprintf

RE: Newlib : stdio : fprintf and sprintf - not faulty - buffer-based pipes needed.

newlib git?

newlib sw architecture vision on bare-metal

No prototype for readdir_r

no prototype for realpath()

Old configures in libgloss

Patch - Add C99 restrict to iconv.h

PATCH - Add C99 restrict to stdio

PATCH - Add C99 restrict to stdlib

Patch - Add pthread affinity for RTEMS

Patch - Add restrict for glob.h

Patch - Add restrict for statvfs

Patch - Add restrict to regex.h

Patch - Add restrict to search.h

Patch - Add restrict to signal.h

Patch - Add restrict to sys/time.h

Patch - Add restrict to time.h

Patch - Add restrict to unistd.h

Patch - Add restrict to wchar.h

Patch - Add restrict to wordexp.h

Patch - Remove restrict from TRAD_SYNOPSIS

RE: Patch for faster memcpy on MIPS

Patch for MIPS memcpy

Patch RTEMS: make PAGESIZE and PAGE_SIZE match

patch v1 add restrict to Linux netdb.h

patch v2 add restrict to string.h methods

Patch: Add __restrict to string.h

Patch: Add RTEMS Specific sys/cpuset.h

Path to fix MIPS build problem

Porting newlib new backend

POSIX 2008 C Extensions and restrict Keyword

Problem with building PDFs

problematic document for isascii(3)

Proper Conditionals for POSIX CX and XSI

Re: A Proposal to Move to Git

Proprietary license in COPYING.LIBGLOSS

pthread affinity patch - v2


Re: pthread.h: Add missing PTHREAD_RWLOCK_INITIALIZER

Qsort defects

Question : i386's crt0 ?

question about running autoconf in newlib directory

Question: machine/powerpc/times.c

Regenerate configure

Request: WEAK declaration of _sbrk() for embedded

restrict in comments was Re: Patch - Add restrict to time.h

Restrict key word in man pages

RFA: Optimize RL78 for size

RFA: Fix __signbitf() and __signbitd() for 16-bit targets

RFA: V850: Enable FPU on the V850e2v3

RFA: V850: Extend crt0.S for the V850 e3v5 architecture variant.

RFC/RFA: strtod() magnitude problem

RTEMS Patch Status - 29 Nov

RTEMS Patches Pending and Our Activity

Sebastian's Patch Series

Sebastian's Patches Committed

setjmp on 32b MIPS with 64b FPRs

setjmp() on ARM with Neon

Small issue with clang & stdlib.h

sparc64 newlib error

sprintf() heap usage

stdio thread safety

strtof is not defined anymore in std=c++11

FW: TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY macro missing

Texinfo 5 fix (partial)

Trouble building newlib-1.20.0 and newlib-2.0.0 on PPC Mac OS X 10.5.8

typo newlib/libc/include/sys/reent.h

Unable to clone the git mirror using http

unistd.h ifdefs on OS

Re: unsetenv() patch for TZ

Use of -fshort-enums for certain files

Using Cygnus-style tree

warning in modfl

What's the behavior if we fprintf chars to a wide orient file stream?

wstoimax Questions

Yearly Snapshot This Week

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