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Re: Bug compiling the C version of memset with gcc -O3

Hi, yes, thanks for catching that :).  I started it out on my laptop
and retyped it in on my desktop because I had to regenerate configure
and had an old level of autoconf on my laptop.

I have modified the patch and checked it in.

-- Jeff J.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Alexander Holler" <>
To: "Jeff Johnston" <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 7:20:02 AM
Subject: Re: Bug compiling the C version of  memset with gcc -O3

Am 10.12.2013 01:04, schrieb Jeff Johnston:
> I have modified your patch to include the missing configuration stuff.
> I also moved things out of the user name space.
> Can you please try it out to verify I haven't missed anything?

Looks like a monday morning patch. ;)
The patch doesn't apply cleanly to the tarball of newlib 2.0 and 
contained two errors.

First, local.h isn't included, second in local.h the following can be found:

     Taken from glibc:
     Add the compiler optimization to inhibit loop transformation to library
     calls.  This is used to avoid recursive calls in memset and memmove
     default implementations.

I've fixed all that in the attached updated version of the patch.

Thanks for adding the configure stuff, I had lost the motivation to do 
that myself because autoreconf insisted here on some version of autoconf 
I haven't installed. ;)


Alexander Holler

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