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.asciz - implementation or documentation wrong?

.preinit_array/.init_array/.fini_array sections

Re: [ARM] Relocation counting during check_relocs

Re: [ARM] Relocation counting during gc sweep

Re: [Bug ld/12565] NOLOAD sections empty

[COMMITTED PATCH] fix a vxworks test case

[committed] MIPS: Correct microMIPS branch opcode mask

[committed] MIPS: microMIPS branch decoder return type fix

[committed] MIPS: microMIPS clean-ups

[GAS] fix crash on erroneous directive

[ make-snapshot gdb current failed]

[gold patch] Allow an ET_EXEC file with the --just-symbols/-R option

[gold patch] Change incremental_test_2 to turn off -g

Re: [gold patch] Fix thread cancellation problem

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 22/25: Add patch space and --incremental-patch option

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 23/25: Print old and new command lines when different

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 24/25: Fix bugs with changed archives and files included from scripts

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 25/25: Add --incremental-startup-unchanged option

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 26/26: Fix problem with hidden/internal symbols

[GOLD][PATCH] Fix for PR gold/12771 (unaligned ARM static data relocs)

[Patch ARM Gas] - strexh/strexb warn for bad addressing modes.

[patch v2/gas]: simplify frag_grow

[PATCH v2] BFD vector for elf32-i386-nacl


[PATCH, go] Re: Should rename ELFOSABI_LINUX into ELFOSABI_GNU, and drop ELFOSABI_HURD

[patch/gas]: simplify frag_grow

[PATCH] BFD vector for elf32-i386-nacl

[PATCH] binutils .debug_macro support

[PATCH] clean up elf32-i386-vxworks hooking mechanism

[patch] coff-stgo32: Fix false format match

[patch] dwarf display: false (location list) in DWARF-4

[PATCH] fix config.rpath for cygwin/mingw

[patch] gas: factorize duplicate code in frags.c

[PATCH] gold --with-lib-path

Re: [PATCH] MIPS/GAS: Fix DWARF-2 with branch swapping for MIPS16 code

Re: [PATCH] MIPS: microMIPS ASE support

[PATCH] MIPS: microMIPS compact branch linker relaxation check

[PATCH] parameterize elf32-i386 PLT generation

[patch] PR 12983: Fix nm to decompress debug sections when printing line numbers

[PATCH] remove spurious bextr instruction

[PATCH] Support for new sparc instructions.

[PATCH] Using -fPIC for libiberty on s390x

Re: [Patch]: Create include/mach-o/loader.h

[PATCH]: force compatible linker flags for gold test suite

[PATCH][MIPS] Fix build with GCC 4.6

[RFA 1/8] New port: TI C6x: Remove "gdb" from noconfigdirs in

[RFA/ARM]: Patch to workaround ARM1176 BLX (immediate) Thumb to ARM issue

[x86] gas error: can't extend frag 2134796 chars

[z80] Defer result of address based expressions until link?

Re: about relocation of split symbols


b[l]x instruction in cortex-m3 code

BFD patch committed: Correct PLT unwind expression

bfd.ld 2.21.1 fails to set the right exports in mingw dlls

Byfmjhvatsg Qcjcytnzytw

Calling equ'd symbols in GAS

Commit: RX: Fix encoding of synthetic beq.a instruction

Committed: "fix" ld/12815, SEGV on some inputs when linking to "binary"

Confirmar alta en la lista

cp-demangle.c regression

gold broken: DW_CFA_XXX is not a member of elfcpp

gold library search path?

gold patch committed: Add -f and -F options

gold patch committed: Add -z notext, use it in testsuite

gold patch committed: Add unwind descriptors for PLT entries

gold patch committed: Adjust protected symbol function address

gold patch committed: Define __rel_iplt symbols if needed

gold patch committed: Don't crash if only TLS symbol is undefined

gold patch committed: Don't crash overriding with versioned alias

gold patch committed: Don't crash with weird linker script

gold patch committed: Don't test -static if it doesn't work

gold patch committed: Error when mixing TLS and non-TLS symbols

gold patch committed: Fix -Ttext

gold patch committed: Fix i386 testsuite failure

gold patch committed: Handle DW_EH_PE_datarel in FDE

gold patch committed: If -z relro -z now, make .got.plt relro

gold patch committed: Implement --print-output-format

gold patch committed: Implement --unresolved-symbols

gold patch committed: Implement -Bgroup

gold patch committed: Initialize first .got.plt entry

gold patch committed: Put IRELATIVE relocs after JUMP_SLOT relocs

gold patch committed: Simply override version of special symbol

gold patch committed: Update comment

Re: gold work on mingw/mingw64 support


How define absolute local symbol by GNU as?

How to pad a section to an aligned size in the linker script file

J wants to chat

ld "undefined reference" shows wrong line number

Re: ld --print-output-format switch

ld -z options

LD problem

Re: doesn't like if -L points to not a directory


Re: Linking against armlink produced ELF for armv6-m (thumb only) CPU

linking elf notes together on elf32-arm

Merci pour votre participation.

Re: MIPS stubs in Gold

New gas testsuite errors (was Re: [GAS] fix crash on erroneous directive)

objdump segfaults when dumping library with sources (arm-elf / arm-none-eabi)

Offering enhancement to 'strings'

Patch committed: Merge top-level changes from gcc

Patch to fix a bug with version scripts and gc-sections in the GOLD linker.

PATCH: Add Intel K1OM support

PATCH: Fix a typo in doc/c-i386.texi

Re: PATCH: Fix xorx in BMI2

PATCH: PR ld/12982: BFD linker LTO plugin makes stack executable by defaul

Re: PATCH: Properly define elf_backend_post_process_headers

Re: PGP signing key?

Re: Ping [Patch v2] bfd elfxx-ia64: share code between elf32 and elf64

Re: PING Re: [RFA] Linker script extension SECTION_FLAGS

Re: Plugin interfaces to do Pettis Hansen style code layout in the gold linker.

powerpc backend tidy

PowerPC unwind info for linker generated sections

PowerPC64 plt call stubs

ppc64_elf_edit_toc segfault tests

RFC: PATCH: ld/12942: Plugin not handling correctly resolution of COMDATs.

SECTION_FLAGS-1 failure on spu


simple program

Use ENUM_BITFIELD in struct bfd_link_info

Using linker script instead of library in Gold

viewing sections

weakdefs in adjust_dynamic_symbol

Where's bfd.h

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