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Re: [PATCH]: force compatible linker flags for gold test suite

2011/7/14 Ian Lance Taylor <>:
> Per Øyvind Karlsen <> writes:
>> This patch will enforce working linker flags to make the gold test suite
>> pass in case you'd modify the defaults and what the regression tests
>> relies on being built with.
> Thanks, but are you changing the defaults in the gold source code? ?If
I'm changing the defaults in gold/options.h, for now I'm mostly playing around
with it, but what I'm aiming at is to enable the linker flags we
already (should)
pass by policy to packages by default, this due to a lot of packagers either
being unaware of being advised to do so, unable to do so, hard time do
it in a clean fashion for some software, and there's also the matter of
positional flags such as --as-needed which very often ends up being passed
"too late" due to LDFLAGS in make files not being in the most optimal

So the idea is that it's more desired to enforce the policy by default
and rather
disable whatever it might break when it happens, than the opposite..

> so, I'm not interested in applying this patch to the main sources; it
> should be part of the patch which changes the defaults.
I'm considering the patch for this to be more the kind of locallu customized
settings for our toolchain (you'll find the patch in our svn), and less likely
to be of that great interest to others, while the patch for the test suite
is more of general usefulness to others while also ensuring some sanity
for the tests to be run..  :)

Per Øyvind

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