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Re: objdump segfaults when dumping library with sources (arm-elf / arm-none-eabi)

Hi Michael,

First of all I am quite new to compiling binutils, etc. myself and I
don't know if this is a compiler problem, generating wrong debugging
information, or a binutils problem disassembling wrong.

Well first thank you for reporting this problem. Secondly even if it does turn out to be a compiler problem, objdump should not be seg-faulting.

My main problem is then objdump segfaults when dumping library files.

Which version of the binutils are you using ? If you do not have the latest release (2.21) or (even better) the mainline development code, then it may be that this a bug that has already been fixed.

In my case it was easily reproducible when executing "arm-elf-objdump -S

The best way to solve this problem is to file a bug report with the binutils bugzilla system:

If you include a test case that can reproduce the problem, that will really help.

The function get_map_sym_type() in "opcodes/arm-dis.c" was called
with a disassemble info containing 4 sym_tabs, while n was 24.
This results in an array out of bound access which may segfault.

This sounds like the underlying cause is some bogus debug info in the file.

When I added validation of the input parameters the segfault was
gone (and disassembly for this opcode seems to be skipped).

    /* If the symbol is in a different section, ignore it.  */
+  if (n>= info->symtab_size)
+    return FALSE;
    if (info->section != NULL&&  info->section != info->symtab[n]->section)

This seems OK, although I would have put the new code before the comment, not after it.

After that I was able to dump the same library but the
disassembly was missing.

OK - to go any further though we are really going to need a test case. And ideally a bug report in which to keep track of the work done in solving the problem.


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