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--build-id use of elf_obj_tdata

.ctor vs. .init_array ordering

[0/20] Rework the MIPS GOT code

[1/20] MIPS GOT: Fix an invalid free

[10/20] MIPS GOT: Use separate IE and GD TLS entries

[11/20] MIPS GOT: Track reloc count in mips_got_info

[12/20] MIPS GOT: Allow mips_got_entries to be shared

[13/20] MIPS GOT: Create a GOT per bfd

[14/20] MIPS GOT: Remove bfd2got code

[15/20] MIPS GOT: Don't create multiple entries for the same symbol

[16/20] MIPS GOT: Split mips_elf_global_got_index

[17/20] MIPS GOT: Tidy mips_elf_create_local_got_entry

[18/20] MIPS GOT: Remove TLS GOT info from the symbol table

[19/20] MIPS GOT: Tidy TLS fields

[2/20] MIPS GOT: Tweak the size estimate for the primary GOT

[20/20] MIPS GOT: Count GOT entries in mips_elf_recreate_got

[3/20] MIPS GOT: Remove bogus assert

[4/20] MIPS GOT: Avoid double-counting TLS entries

[5/20] MIPS GOT: Simplify .got size calculation

[6/10] RFC: fix somread.c

[6/20] MIPS GOT: Move global_gotsym

[7/20] MIPS GOT: Remove unused gotidx allocation

[8/20] MIPS GOT: Factor out GOT creation code

[9/20] MIPS GOT: Factor out GOT creation code

Re: [avr-gcc-list] [Patch, avr] Shrink interrupt vector table down to last used entry

[committed] MIPS/GAS: Coding style fixes

Re: [gold] enable sorting of text sections with the same prefix

[GOLD] final_layout test on ppc32

[gold] Merging string literals with bigger alignment

[GOLD] plt call stub sizing error

[GOLD] powerpc linker generated .eh_frame

[PATCH 1/2] MIPS: Compressed PLT/stubs support

Re: [PATCH 1/2] New entry points for writing Linux NT_PRPSINFO notes.

[PATCH 1/2] opcodes/metag-dis.c: Initialize outf->bytes_per_chunk for proper objdump disassembly format

[PATCH 1/3] bfd/elf32-metag.c: Use bfd_get_linker_section to get SEC_LINKER_CREATED sections

[PATCH 1/4] Add DW_SECT codes

Re: [patch 10/9] Nios II port NEWS + MAINTAINERS updates

Re: [PATCH 2/2 v5] gold: enable new dtags by default

[PATCH 2/2] MIPS: Compressed PLT/stubs support test cases

[PATCH 2/2] opcodes/metag-dis.c: Initialize outf->bytes_per_chunk for proper objdump disassembly format

Re: [PATCH 2/2] Put more info in NT_PRPSINFO Linux notes

[PATCH 2/3] bfd/elf32-metag: Don't error on zero size dynbss symbol

[PATCH 2/4] [gold] Add DW_SECT codes

Re: [patch 2/9] Nios II bfd support, V2

[PATCH 3/3] ld/emultempl/metagelf.em: Use sec_info_type rather than userdata->flags.just_syms

[PATCH 3/4] Add readelf/objdump support for version 2 DWARF package files

Re: [patch 3/9] Nios II opcodes support, V2

[PATCH 4/4] [gold] Add dwp support for DWARF package file format version 2

Re: [patch 4/9] Nios II gas support, V2

Re: [patch 6/9] Nios II port, ld support

RE: [PATCH ARM] add support for mcpu=marvell-pj4

[patch ld]: Merge all .xdata.* and .pdata.* sections to .(x|p)data

Re: [PATCH mingw/gold] Plugins cleanup fails on windows due to open handle

[Patch, AArch64, 0/5] backport recent fixes to 2.23

Re: [Patch, AArch64, 1/5] backport recent fixes to 2.23 - add missing alignment check

Re: [Patch, AArch64, 2/5] backport recent fixes to 2.23 - update sysreg table

Re: [Patch, AArch64, 3/5] backport recent fixes to 2.23 - add missing support for preload hints

Re: [Patch, AArch64, 4/5] backport recent fixes to 2.23 - fix to disassemble MOVZ and MOVN as MOV

Re: [Patch, AArch64, 5/5] backport recent fixes to 2.23 - fix sysreg diagnostics

[Patch, AArch64] Add support for CRC instructions

[Patch, AArch64] Extend the range of system registers that can be specified using the S3_<op1>_<Cn>_<Cm>_<op2> form

[Patch, AArch64] Fix the support for PRFM instructions with preload instruction hints

[Patch, AARCH64] gc-section support

[Patch, AArch64] Update the gregset size

[PATCH, ARM] Bugfix for general dynamic TLS model when static linking

[Patch, avr] Shrink interrupt vector table down to last used entry

[Patch, moxie] Tweak moxie-rtems triplet name recognition

[PATCH,IA64] Fix bug in double slot instruction reloc

Re: [PATCH] Add myself as Meta maintainer

[PATCH] Add nios2-*-rtems* target

[PATCH] BFD/MIPS: Add missing NewABI microMIPS relocs

[PATCH] LD/testsuite: Support late LD arguments in run_ld_link_tests

Re: [PATCH] ld: enable new dtags by default for linux/gnu targets


[PATCH] MIPS/BFD: Compressed dynsym annotation consistency fix


[PATCH] MIPS/GAS: Add missing label annotation to PIC pseudo-ops

[PATCH] MIPS/LD/testsuite: Provide for correct PLT disassembly

[PATCH] MIPS/opcodes: Correct mixed-mode disassembly

[patch] New toolchain: x86_64-pc-cygwin

Re: [PATCH] Re: -Ttext and phdr_in_segment

[patch] rl78: add %code() pseudo-op

Re: [PATCH] Scan for Mach-O start address in LC_MAIN and properly check bfd_mach_o_scan_start_address's return value

[PATCH] Sync configure{,.ac} with GCC

Re: [PATCH] Sync configure{,.ac}, Makefile.{def,in} with GCC

[PATCH][AARCH64] Allow the TLS GD sequence to be split

[PATCH][ARM][GAS] Add support for CRC instructions in ARMv8

[PATCH][ARM][GAS] Fix internal error on badly shaped VMOV

[PATCH][ARM]Binutils command line support for Cortex-R7

[PATCH][GAS][ARM] Fix disassembly of strht

[RFC] [PATCH] gold: change default hash style to gnu

[RL78] Fix encoding of divwu insn

Are gas macros case insensitive?

ARM stub match tidy

Re: Assign integers explicity to enum values corresponding to the plugin API

AVR, PR14255

bfd_link_hash_table_create using bfd_alloc

Re: binutils 2.19.92 linker broke with --as-needed flag

Commit: readelf: Prevent seg-fault handling corrupt archives

elf-attrs segfault

Fix bootstrap with older gcc version

Fix GOT overflow on MIPS with page references to mergeable sections

fix ld Makefile dependencies

Fix PR15113 by using bfd_zmalloc to allocate hash table

FYI: patches for powerpc-aix...

gas fixup_segment tidy

gas testsuite broken by nios2

GNU Tools Cauldron 2013 - Call for Participation and Abstracts

Gold patch committed: Add -Ttext-segment as an alias for -Ttext


gold Symbol::should_add_dynsym_entry

h8300-elf linker relaxations: symbols skipped

ld memory deallocation

Re: ld: linking to GNU_UNIQUE symbol does not set ELFOSABI_GNU

linker segfaults after PR ld/15146 fix

MIPS build failure


MSP430: Add .data.* sections to linker script

Re: Not so minor a fix for --enable-targets=all

Re: patch r5900/micromips handling

PATCH: Add "@c man" markers to doc/c-metag.texi

PATCH: Don't resolve size relocation against non-empty TLS symbol

PATCH: Optimize REP prefix check

PATCH: PR binutils/15151: archive support is broken

PATCH: PR gas/15159: Implement Intel SMAP instruction support


PATCH: PR ld/15107: Reference to GNU_UNIQUE symbol shouldn't create GNU_UNIQUE symbol

PATCH: PR ld/15141: Linker (ld.bfd) option "--trace-symbol" does not work with LTO

PATCH: PR ld/15146: Reference from dummy plugin symbol isn't removed

PATCH: PR ld/15149: Weak reference leads to DT_NEEDED entry

PATCH: PR ld/15167: ld merges gnu_unique def and normal ref into normal symbol

PATCH: Replace have_hle with hle_prefix

Re: PowerPC64 dynreloc miscount failure

PR ld/15130 typo fix

PR15106 elf_find_function segfault

readelf build error on 64-bit hosts

RFC: ARM reloc idea: movw/movt for got/gotoff

STT_GNU_IFUNC support for MIPS

tic4x objcopy fail

tic6x: relocation truncated to fit: R_C6000_PCR_S21

tidy elf_obj_tdata


top level configure patch committed

Using --sysroot with ld is not changing where libstdc++ is searched for

Re: Warning: indirect jmp without `*'

what is the difference of -r and -share -s?

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