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Re: patch r5900/micromips handling

Hello Richard,

>> It is now fixed. The attached patch can be applied without the previous
>> VU0 patch. ragnarok2040 will need more time fix the VU0 patch.
> Applied with the ChangeLog below, thanks.
> For the record, I added -EL to the l_d-single and s_d-single options,
> so that the tests wouldn't fail on big-endian targets like mips64-elf.
> I also used o64 rather than n32 so that the tests wouuldn't fail
> on *-elf (as opposed to *-linux-gnu) targets.

I think the r5900 is little endian only, so this is fine.
I would prefer n32. What is the cause of this problem? My mips64r5900-ps2-elf toolchain wasn't failing with n32.

> The l_d-single and s_d-single tests didn't pass for mips-ecoff, but frankly
> who knows whether the output we get there is correct or not.  Rather than
> codify something that might not be right, I just restricted the tests to
> ELF and removed the RELLO, RELHI and GPREL stuff.


It would be good if the config.sub can be updated from the main repository, because this already includes additional support for r5900.

Best regards

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