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Re: patch r5900/micromips handling

JÃrgen Urban <> writes:
>>> It is now fixed. The attached patch can be applied without the previous
>>> VU0 patch. ragnarok2040 will need more time fix the VU0 patch.
>> Applied with the ChangeLog below, thanks.
>> For the record, I added -EL to the l_d-single and s_d-single options,
>> so that the tests wouldn't fail on big-endian targets like mips64-elf.
>> I also used o64 rather than n32 so that the tests wouuldn't fail
>> on *-elf (as opposed to *-linux-gnu) targets.
> I think the r5900 is little endian only, so this is fine.
> I would prefer n32. What is the cause of this problem? My
> mips64r5900-ps2-elf toolchain wasn't failing with n32.

Most *-elf targets don't include the NewABI support, so you get
an error about a missing emulation.

n32 isn't really any better than o64 for this test though.
The generated code is (and should be) the same either way.

> It would be good if the config.sub can be updated from the main
> repository, because this already includes additional support for r5900.

Nick normally does this, I think (cop out)


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