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Re: .ctor vs. .init_array ordering

On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 9:59 PM, Alan Modra <> wrote:
> Hi HJ,
>   I see your .ctors in .init_array changes do the right thing for
> constructors with a priority attribute.  ie. the constructor priority
> attribute is respected regardless of whether gcc generates
> .ctors.NNNNN or .init_array.NNNNN.
> This:
> is good.  What's more, constructors with the same priority will appear
> in object file order regardless of their naming.
> However, this:
>     KEEP (*(.init_array))
> which expands to
>     KEEP (*(.init_array))
>     KEEP (*(EXCLUDE_FILE (<startup file patterns>) .ctors))
> means ld puts all .init_array sections before .ctors sections.  So we
> aren't consistent with the priority case.
> I know we don't promise anything regarding constructor order across
> TUs except that specified by priority attributes, and that the older
> scheme with .ctors was reverse file order while the new .init_array is
> in file order, but having this further inconsistency is even more
> confusing.  So how about the following?
>         * scripttempl/ (.init_array, .fini_array): Don't sort all
>         .init_array/.fini_array input sections before .ctors/.dtors input
>         sections.
>         (CTORS_IN_INIT_ARRAY, DTORS_IN_INIT_ARRAY): Adjust to suit.

Sorry to miss this email.  I have no problem with it.



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