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[PATCH 1/2] opcodes/metag-dis.c: Initialize outf->bytes_per_chunk for proper objdump disassembly format


The attached patch (part 1 on this e-mail and part 2 on the next one)
fixes a problem
with the Meta disassembler output which used to be in big endian
format because we
omitted to set the bytes_per_chunk variable to a correct value. The
bytes_per_chunk field
is the number of bytes we handle on every print_insn_metag iteration.
Since we always handle 4 bytes, we set this variable to 4. This also
fixes the objdump
format making instructions appear in little endian format whereas previously it
defaulted to big endian. For example, for the

SWAP PC, D0Re0 instruction, previously we had

0:   a0 06 00 a3                  SWAP      PC,D0Re0

and now we have

0:   a30006a0                     SWAP      PC,D0Re0


2013-02-14  Markos Chandras  <>

        * metag-dis.c: Initialize outf->bytes_per_chunk to 4
        which also makes the disassembler output be in little
        endian like it should be.


2013-02-14  Markos Chandras  <>

        * metag/labelarithmetic.d: Fix the expected disassembler
        output to be in little endian format
        * metag/metacore12.d: likewise
        * metag/metacore21.d: likewise
        * metag/metacore21ext.d: likewise
        * metag/metadsp21.d: likewise
        * metag/metadsp21ext.d: likewise
        * metag/metafpu.d: likewise
        * metag/metafpuext.d: likewise
        * metag/tls.d: likewise


2013-02-14  Markos Chandras  <>

        * ld-metag/pcrel.d: Fix the expected disassembler
        output to be in little endian format
        * ld-metag/shared.d: likewise
        * ld-metag/stub.d: likewise
        * ld-metag/stub_pic_app.d: likewise
        * ld-metag/stub_pic_shared.d: likewise
        * ld-metag/stub_shared.d: likewise

Markos Chandras

Attachment: 0001-opcodes-metag-dis.c-Initialize-outf-bytes_per_chunk-.patch.tar.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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