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"empty" Makefile

"esparanoia" tests fail

RE: "esparanoia" tests fail [PATCH]

%zd support for printf in newlib

'_ctype_' aliased to undefined symbol '_ctype_b+127'

(OT) Advice needed on platform names


[Bug: atof() can't parse "NaN"]

[CFT] Detect target tools at configure time, and fix Ada cross-compilation

[commit] more cygwin time.h cleanups

[committed] Move cygwin-specific definitions in stdlib.h to cygwin-specific header

[committed] trivial change to a comment to avoid a gcc warning

[ error in scanf reading %le format and 00 exponent]

[libgloss/m32c] Add init/fini processing

[m32c] block out monitor-reserved memory regions

[m32c] move simulator ABI, fix dependencies

[MT patch] ms2 files

[MT] Second part of renaming

Re: [patch, arm] Add support for .init_array

[PATCH,RTEMS] Extending RTEMS stub crt0

[PATCH] : Correct build of newlib for ARC .

[PATCH] Add .debug_ranges section to libgloss linker scripts.

[PATCH] add an introduction to libc documentation

[patch] Add fast<N>_t types to stdint.h

[patch] add missing mips .bss.* section support

[patch] adjust libgloss addresses for 64-bit

[patch] ARM EABI support routine

[patch] Arm startup code stack alignment


[PATCH] Change strerror_r definition for cygwin

[PATCH] clean up hyphenation in docs

[PATCH] Define fdatasync alos for Cygwin.

[PATCH] Define getpeereid for Cygwin.

[patch] dirent.h problem with include_next

[PATCH] fix for accuracy problem in atan2f

[PATCH] fix libm documentation section order

[PATCH] Fix lrint, lrintf bugs

[PATCH] Fix newly exposed bug [was RE: RFC: Fix partial NaN-parsing problem [was RE: sscanf problem]]

Re: [PATCH] Fix newly exposed bug [was RE: RFC: Fix partial NaN-parsingproblem [was RE: sscanf problem]]

[PATCH] Fix problem with file locking used before initialised

[PATCH] Fix unified tree breakage

[PATCH] fix up example syscalls

[PATCH] fixed references to "Cygnus C Library"

[PATCH] fixes for many small documentation problems

[PATCH] fmin/fmax behaviour on NaNs

[PATCH] Generalize cygwin-specific include

[PATCH] hypotf fails for denormal inputs

[patch] Libgloss: fix for building mips16.

[patch] lrint/lrintf oddity

[PATCH] make printf output for Infinity and NaN match C99 standard

[patch] missing sections in mips linker scripts

[patch] modify crt0.S for 64-bit address targets

[patch] More Arm EABI support routines

[patch] More m68k linker script fixes

[PATCH] set errno for malloc failures

[patch] stdint.h

[patch] stdint.h/inttypes.h

[patch] stdint.h: [u]int_fast<N>_t types (Take 2)

[patch] stdint.h: intmax_t/uintmax_t improvements

[PATCH] wrap long lines in docs

[PATCH]: Fix printf positional arguments breakage

[RFA] __svfscanf_r: Fix zero exponent handling (was Re: [RFA] strtod: Fix sign bug if exponent is invalid (was Re: [ error in scanf reading %le format and 00 exponent]))

[RFA] Avoid aliasing problems tickled by gcc-3.4.4

Re: [RFA] Change how CC, CFLAGS get set

[RFA] Implement mkdtemp

Re: [RFA] Implement mkdtemp (patch ping)

[RFA] libc/include/machine/setjmp.h: Only evaluate first parameter to sig{set,long}jmp once

Re: [RFA] libc/include/machine/setjmp.h: Only evaluate first parameterto sig{set,long}jmp once

[RFA] lrint(f) bug and code correctness.

[RFA] strtod: Fix sign bug if exponent is invalid (was Re: [ error in scanf reading %le format and 00 exponent])

Re: [RFA] strtod: Fix sign bug if exponent is invalid (was Re: [ in scanf reading %le format and 00 exponent])

[RFT/RFA] Look for alternate names of the target C/C++ compilers

[stevebm: 1.5.12-1: documentation bug in lib[cm].texinfo]

Re: [toplevel] Overhaul detection of target compilers

__i386__ and __amd64__

_ctype_ alias and versioned symbols

_opendir vs opendir


_REENT->_errno v. extern int errno


Add linux-newlib to config [PATCH]

Adding system call connections

Advice on a new port of newlib

After she shows off her body she fucks a lucky guy

ARG_MAX and glob.c [PATCH]

ARM build fails in libgloss: no redboot.ld

Arm Port of Newlib

ARM swi service routine

arm/libcfunc.c (isatty): Call _isatty [PATCH]

arm/syscalls.c (get_errno): register constraints [PATCH]


Bare-metal ARM toolchain and kernel

bit rot in build instructions

bug in argz_insert

Re: bug in argz_insert

bug in freopen

bug in newlib strftime

Bug in strerror_r

Re: Bug#333473: Please add newlib support for mips/mipsel

Re: Bug#338059: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#338059: newlib_1.13.0-2(armeb/unstable): FTBFS: please add armeb to debian/control)

BUG: in mallocr.c: overlapping realloc fails

Bugs in libc/machine/cris/memmove.c, memmove test-case

building GCC/newlib for MIPS targets

Building PPC EABI without "-mno-eabi -mrelocatable-lib"?

c++ libraries

CFLAGS in one-tree style cross builds w/ newlib

Changing Configuration for a Newlib build

Committed, CRIS: default_newlib_io_long_long="yes".

RE: Committed, libc/machine/cris/libcdtor.c (defaultors): Mark artificially as used

Committed, libc/machine/cris/libcdtor.c (defaultors): Mark artificiallyas used

RE: Committed, libc/machine/cris/libcdtor.c (defaultors): Markartificially as used

Committed, libgloss/cris/ copy built files to newlib for libgfortran failure

Committed: libgloss/cris/linunistd.h Don't override reentrant-errno for syscalls.

Committed: Use -DCOMPACT_CTYPE for cris-*-*, crisv32-*-*

Compiling busybox

configure switches. is there a list of them?

configure, do not generate documentation

conflicting types for '__loff_t'

Confused by building process of newlib

Confused with frexp and atangent (mathfp branch)

Re: Core dump calling strptime()

CRIS/CRISv32 port, libgloss part (second and last part)

CRIS/CRISv32 port, newlib part (first part)

crt0 not built for m68k target?

Declare futimes and lutimes for Cygwin

declared but undefined functions

default building of libgloss although --without-newlib specified?


EAGAIN: No more processes [PATCH]

Error compiling newlib-1.13.0

exit vs. kill on ARM

External headers required for i386-linux-newlib

False syscall dependencies

Re: False syscall dependencies [PATCH]

Re: fenv.h missing!?

File operations in newlib

RE: Fix partial NaN-parsing problem [was RE: sscanf problem]


Freer.o fix

GCC 4.0 and newlib for ARM

GCC and new libgloss platform

GCC presumed?


getopt_long please

heads up - gcc toplevel bootstrap activated

help me

how can I compile libc/sys/linux on other platform ?

How to get crt0.o without syscalls

Re: How to get crt0.o without syscalls (solved?)

Re: HUGE is missing in math.h


Re: ieeefp.h: C++ guards

Include stdlib.h in testsuite/include/check.h


Is newlib' primary intent still targeted for embedded system use?

Re: Is newlib' primary intent still targeted for embedded systemuse?

Re: isfinite() failure on Cygwin with gcc 3.4.1

lchown for Linux [PATCH]

libc/stdio/ftell.c (ftell_r): Add parenthesis

libc/unix, reentrant syscalls?

libc/unix/ and ELIX level [PATCH]

libgen: basename and dirname [PATCH]

Libgloss tree and diference between "architecture" and "platform".

libgloss/arm clock [PATCH]

libgloss/arm fstat [PATCH]

libgloss/arm syscalls [PATCH]

libgloss/arm/libcfunc.c: alarm [PATCH]

libgloss/arm: isatty [PATCH]

libgloss/arm: monitor_stderr [PATCH]

libgloss/warning.h: adjust link_warning construct to modern gcc, gas and ld

Re: libgloss/warning.h: adjust link_warning construct to modern gcc,gas and ld

libnosys (chown, readlink, symlink) [PATCH]

libnosys/ test for symbol prefix _ and fix configure .previous etc. output

Re: libnosys/ test for symbol prefix _ and fix configure.previous etc. output

libnosys/ (LD, AS): Correct obsoleted suffix

libnosys/warning.h: fix asm line delimiter

librd[ip]mon.a fixes [PATCH]

librdpmon.a and librdimon.a are empty [PATCH]

Linker scripts and GCC 4.0.1

Linux fixes [PATCH]

Linux for the mips-elf target

linuxthreads fails on i386-linux (INSTALL="../")

m32c support contribution

m68k linker scripts


Make string.h strsignal prototype return const char *


malloc on tiny systems

Misunderstanding NaN

Moving libc/sys to be linked last

native x86 linux newlib working on FC4

Newlib 1.14 approaching

Newlib _ctype_ alias kludge now invalid due to PR middle-end/15700 fix.

Re: Newlib _ctype_ alias kludge now invalid due to PR middle-end/15700fix.

newlib functions at address 0x0

Newlib Linux Port

newlib with stock mingw GCC wihtou cross compile?

newlib: fputs aborts on ARM

Not able to install newlibc natively.


Packaging and directories (off topic)

Re: Packaging native newlib

patch for freopen(NULL,...)

Patch for newlib test assertion naming

Patch ping: Fix README s/LPGL/LGPL/ Say license, not copyright where approriate

Re: Patch ping: Fix README s/LPGL/LGPL/ Say license, not copyrightwhere approriate

Patch to add missing KEEP()s to MIPS linker scripts

patch: change copyright notice on ms1/access.c

Patch: libgloss/arm/syscalls.c

patch: morpho ms1 support

patch: morpho...libgloss bits

patch: powerpc vfprintf fix

PATCH: Support testing installed library

PATCH: unimplemented system call warnings are optimised away

Ping: PATCH to suported installed-library testing

Porting newlib.

Problem with malloc()

Problem with sprintf()

Problems VPATH, pow

Proposal and RFC: i386-pc-linux-newlib

Re: Proposal and RFC: i386-pc-linux-newlib [PATCH]

readdir.c: d_off instead of d_reclen [PATCH]

readlink and symlink prototypes [PATCH]

redboot syscalls for libgloss/arm


Release 1.14.0 of newlib is now available

Rename ms1 arch to mt

RFA: Fix libgloss MIPS scripts for .sbss comdat sections

RFA: inttypes.h or stdint.h header

RFA: separate ppc getrusage in libgloss

RFC: Fix partial NaN-parsing problem [was RE: sscanf problem]

RTEMS patch sweep: *types.h

RTEMS patch sweep: bogus implicit int32 in libm

RTEMS patch sweep: stdint.h/inttypes.h

RTEMS patch sweep: tar.h

setenv_r.c (_setenv_r): Call tzset [PATCH]

Re: several more bugs found by coreutils

Should i compile newlib after

sign-extending addresses in libgloss


Snapshot vs. CVS

some V850 questions, some general questions

sscanf exposed bugs

RE: sscanf problem


strftime followup

strftime improvements

Support for libc/machine/<machine_dir>/include/*.h take 2

system call...

Take 2: CRIS/CRISv32 port, newlib part (first part)

Testing newlib under cygwin

There's Nothing Like a Hot PenmnySt0ck

The thread model in newlib

ttyname: double the closedir, double the fun! [PATCH]

tzset_r.c (_tzname): Add a comma. [PATCH]

UINT32_C redefined [PATCH]

Undefined libgcc symbols and i386-linux-newlib

Useful function declarations

Using libgloss with newlib

using sprintf for 64-bit integers

viprintf omitted from stdio.h

Warning fix: memcpy.c

warning.h yet one more time

Why __getline and not just getline?

Wide character support?

x86_64 target

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