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64 bit seg fault

[patch, ARM] VFP hard-float calling convention support

Re: [PATCH,committed] More AIX64 libffi fixes

[PATCH,cygming,buildsys] Fix remaining parts of PR40125: [2/2] libffi

[PATCH] Add Interix support

[patch] Add support for FreeBSD powerpc64

[PATCH] building libffi on mswin64 with

[PATCH] Building with -fPIC on ARM uclibc

[patch] Define __ARM_ARCH__ for processor __ARM_ARCH_7EM__

[PATCH] don't count return value space twice on x86

[PATCH] Don't replace avalue with stack memory

[PATCH] fix execute permissions on shell scripts

[PATCH] Fix FFI_LAST_ABI definition

[PATCH] Fix IRIX support

Re: [PATCH] Fix libffi x86-64 < 8 bytes last stack argument issue (PR libffi/45677)

[PATCH] fix to not pass -safeseh to ml64

[PATCH] Fixed compilation on mingw-w64 after recent ABI change.

[PATCH] grammar nit in src/powerpc/asm.h

[PATCH] HPUX: fix dlmalloc build

[PATCH] Link against MSVCRT{D} libs as appropriate

[patch] port libffi to x86/msvc


[PATCH] x86: Align the stack to 16-bytes before making the call

[SPARC v8] Make ffi compatible with Solaris Studio aggregate return ABI

Add libffi support for powerpc64 FreeBSD

alien, the Lua FFI, also uses libffi

Re:Fwd: Announcing libffi 3.0.9

Bug Report: Can not compile libffi on solaris 10 (x86)

Re: building libffi on win64 with msvc

Canonical repository, website and downloads.

A closure API example

closure api return value types problem

compilation of 3.0.9 on openbsd/mips64

Compiling ctypes (libffi) for Windows Itanium

Cross compilation issues with MinGW

CVE-2009-4029 vulnerability

Defining a ABI

Explicit Pointer to Char

ffi API header files with Sun Studio compiler

Headers installation into libdir?

How to run libffi tests?

ia64-hp-hpux test failures (32 bit compile)

Important LIBFFI bug in PowerPC subtree

Is a Pointer identical to a Struct { Pointer }?

libffi 3.0.9 fails to build on AIX

libffi and OpenVMS

libffi API improvements

libffi comment changes

libffi doesn't keep the stack aligned to 16 bytes

libffi fails to build on ARM OABI with binutils-2.20

libffi OS/2 fixes

libffi patches all pushed to GCC

libffi patches for separate debug/opt builds

libffi pkgconfig

libffi rebased

libffi warning fixes

libffi-3.0.9 and HP OpenVMS IA64

libffi-3.0.9 ported to OpenVMS IA64

man ffi_call

MSVC build

open_temp_exec_file_mnt bug with getmntent_r

OSX 10.6 libffi updates

Problem configuring libffi when trying to cross-compile

Problem with ulonglong on SPARC

request for signed releases

shallow copying in ffi_prep_cif

Support for darwin powerpc64

target macros

Test Failues with libffi

Top 10 for 2010: Google/SEO Tools Webinar (free)

Two bugs in unix64.S

understanding the purpose of java_raw_api.c and raw_api.c

Unknown FDE encoding - known issue? Resolved?

wayland and libffi

Re: Win64: Fwd: [PATCH] Don't replace avalue with stack memory

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