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.note.ABI-tag extension for Android

2.22.1 Possible

Re: 2.22.1 Possible -> Yes!

Re: 68hc11/12/s12x/xgate patch

[COMMITTED PATCH] fix build breakage: check for locale.h

[COMMITTED PATCH] fix x86_64-nacl ld testsuite

[COMMITTED PATCH] fix x86_64-nacl PLT nops

[committed] Fix cut-&-pasto in tc-avr.c

[committed] GAS/doc: Fix typo

[Committed] S/390: Fix dynamic linker paths

[COMMITTED][binutils-2_22-branch] Fix ARM test regressions gold.

[gold patch trivial] Fix problem with --gdb-index and DW_AT_low_pc

[gold patch] Add --export-dynamic-symbol option

[gold patch] Add Swap_aligned32 template for writing gdb index

[gold patch] Use DWARF codes from include/dwarf2.def

[nonworking patch] gold/arm: define $a/$d markers in .plt

[PATCH 1/2] Allow use_plt_offset to be specified for global relocations in Gold

[PATCH 1/3] bfd: DW_AT_high_pc can be relative to DW_AT_low_pc.

[PATCH 1/5] Add new ELF_SPARC_HWCAP_* defines for features found on SPARC-T4.

[PATCH 2/2] Add sparc IFUNC support to Gold.

[PATCH 2/3] gas: Make dwarf2dbg.c versions specific and add DW_AT_high_pc case for DWARF 4+.

[PATCH 2/5] Move sparc opcode hwcaps out of sparc_opcode flags field.

[PATCH 3/3] gold: Handle DW_AT_high_pc as offset from DW_AT_low_pc in

[PATCH 3/5] Add support for SPARC T4 crypto instructions.

[PATCH 4/5] Add support for sparc compare-and-branch instructions.

[PATCH 5/5] Add support for sparc pause instruction.

Re: [patch v2] ld: optimize vfinfo output slightly

[PATCH v3] gas: Emit A2 encoding for ARM PUSH/POP with single register

[Patch,AVR]: PR13503: Add expression modifiers/RELOCs for data.

[Patch/vms]: Add .vms_common pseudo to gas for ia64/VMS

Re: [PATCH] [MIPS] add MIPS64DSPR2 support.

[patch] Add --enable-deterministic-archives option to strip/objcopy

[PATCH] Add support for sparc %cfr ASR register.

[PATCH] Add support for sparc GOTDATA optimizations in Gold.

[PATCH] add user_phdrs flag to bfd_link_info

[PATCH] arm-nacl target support

Re: [PATCH] BFD linker support for x86 nacl targets

[PATCH] BFD: Handle copying of absolute section symbols

[PATCH] Build Gold IFUNC tests with -fPIC/-fPIE instead of -fpic/-fpie.

Re: [PATCH] Fix ColdFire movem with disp16+reg addressing

[PATCH] Fix GOLD SIGBUS on 64-bit sparc

Re: [PATCH] fix PR gold/13320, inline thumb stubs in PLT entries

[PATCH] Fix sparc testsuite hiccups.

[PATCH] gas: Document sparc's %l34 and %h34

Re: [PATCH] gas: Emit A2 encoding for ARM PUSH/POP with single register

[PATCH] gold/arm: define $a/$d markers in .plt

[PATCH] gold: Add linker relaxation of tail calls on sparc.

[PATCH] gold: Fix parameterization of do_adjust_elf_header

[PATCH] gold: Maintain sparc ELF header bits properly

[PATCH] gold: Native Client target support

[PATCH] ld: add switch to disable use of BLX instructions

Re: [patch] ld: optimize vfinfo output slightly

[PATCH] m68k: fix weak undefined PIE tests

[patch] MAINTAINERS: clarify policy with config/ (and other top level files)

[PATCH] make ld-elf/eh[1-4] tests assume less about x86_64 targets

Re: [PATCH] MIPS/BFD: Handle linker garbage collection with n64 relocs

[PATCH] MIPS/BFD: Handle MIPS16 stub symbols with n64 relocs

[patch] opcodes: bfin: simplify field width processing and fix build warnings

[PATCH] opcodes: Don't disassemble STMFD/LDMIA sp!, {reg} to PUSH/POP

[patch] rx: make .L optional for ADC and SBB

[PATCH] Support more sparc relocs

[patch] various minor RX opcode encoding fixes

[Patch]: bfd/dwarf2.c: ignore DW_LNE_HP_source_file_correlation

Re: [PATH] gas: .warn and .nowarn pseudo-ops.

[RFA:] Fix ld/13990, ARM BFD_ASSERT with --shared and --gc-sections

[RFA] dwarf2.h (dwarf_location_atom): Add DW_OP_GNU_addr_index.

Re: [RFA] PowerPC VLE port

[RFA] Update config.sub to 2012-04-18 version.

[RFC PATCH] gold: Native Client target support

[RFC][PATCH] Make plugin not to depend on -ldl but dlopen()

[rx] patch: detect negative constants more accurately

[rx] patch; fix sign-extension of mov.w

[SH] TLS IE -> LE optimization issue

[VMS/committed]: Add assertions

[VMS/committed]: Set extension to archive member

[x86-64 psABI] Document STT_GNU_IFUNC and R_X86_64_IRELATIVE

bfd Mach-O DWARF debugging support

Re: bug#11034: Binutils, GDB, GCC and Automake's 'cygnus' option

Re: Committed: fix ld/configure.tgt for mips*-freebsd*

Debug info for comdat functions

dwz-0.1 - DWARF compression tool

Fix objdump -g for dwarf

Fix PR13991

gas: bmi

getting armv7 ld to emit armv4t thumb interworking

git question

GNU Tools Cauldron 2012 - Hotels and registered presentations

gold incremental file format on 64-bit

gold patch committed: #include <unistd.h> in

gold patch committed: Build fixes for clang

gold RELRO section detection on Sparc


ld unpredictable lookup failure building shared library

libbfd on Windows : problem with dll injection ?

Linking EFI applications with x86_64-pc-mingw32-ld

New flag --keep-section <section_name> to prevent certain sections from being linker garbage collected.

New Italian PO file for 'binutils' (version 2.21.53)

New Vietnamese PO file for 'binutils' (version 2.21.53)

PATCH: Don't check relocations against reloc sections

PATCH: PR binutils/13947: Strip applied twice corrupts binaries compiled with --emit-relocs

Patch: use dwarf names from libiberty

Ping [Patch 0/5] Support ld for ia64 VMS

Ping: RFA: provide a way for a BFD program to notice assertions. Use it in gld.

Placing objects into a split address space at link time

Please Backport PR13991

question about tcb_size in arm

Recursive library linkage behaviour

Re: RFA: consolidate DWARF strings into libiberty

RFA: provide a way for a BFD program to notice assertions. Use it in gld.


RFC: Implicit DWARF relocs


Support DW_AT_high_pc DWARF4 constant form

test for visibility

Test regressions for arm-eabi from "[PATCH] arm-nacl target support"

What's the best way to define local labels in an assembler macro?

which hash function gnu assember uses

Re: XGATE bfd support.

Xgate patch for the binutils

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